What is TOJam?
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What do I Bring?

Child on inflatable swan raft

We're looking for people to create graphics, sound effects and music during the event. Rather than be dedicated to a team, these intrepid adventurers would float around and help wherever needed. In a blinding flash of inspiration, we have labelled these free spirits "floaters".

If somebody needs a lead character... You draw it. If somebody needs a voice screaming help... You record it. If somebody needs a poignant violin solo to underscore the subtle emotion in a tragic scene... You play it. If somebody needs a 10 x 8 pixel tree? You teach them MS Paint.

Floaters help eliminate the evil of programmer art. For that reason alone, they will always be considered heroes. Floaters will be given credit for every game they are involved with (both on the web-site and in the game). We are currently finalizing the ratio of programmers to graphic floaters, it will probably be 10 to 1. We are also aiming for one sound floater for everyone (s/he would need to come armed with a pre-recorded library).

When you register, please indicate that you will be attending as a floater (use the "Role" dropdown).

If you have a choice between floating and joining a team - join the team. We typically have too many floaters for too few slots, so joining a team has a better chance of confirmation.