What is TOJam?
Required Images
What do I Bring?
George Brown Computer Details
Trs-80 Model
George Brown College is once again graciously allowing jammers to use their machines (if desired). Their computers are serious!

5 Important Things

  1. You need to bring a USB key and save all your work on it. When computers restart, they automatically revert to their original state. All files are deleted.
  2. All machines can use either Windows >or< OSX.
  3. While you can install software (i.e. GameMaker),
    it will be removed if you restart.
  4. Machines restart at 11pm unless you CANCEL when prompted.
  5. You're welcome to use just the George Brown monitor, but it requires a MAC proprietary "Mini Display Port" connection. There is NO DVI or VGA connector (you'll need an adapter).


At at minimum, you should expect the following specs:

  • Mac Pro
  • Dual Quad Core Processor @ 2.26GHz
  • 12GB RAM
  • NVidia GeForce GT 120 w/t 512MB
  • 24" Apple Display w/t Mini Display Port
  • Wired Internet access.

Please note, George Brown has recently upgraded their computers with a newer model Mac Pro in many of their rooms over the past year so it is possible you may have access to even better hardware. However, it would be best to expect the minimum specs as we can not guarantee to place jammers on newer machines should they request it.


Windows 7 64-Bit
Adobe Photoshop CS5 64-Bit and 32-Bit
(64-Bit is backward compatible)
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe Flash CS5
Adobe Fireworks CS5
Adobe AfterEffects CS5
Adobe Soundbooth CS5
Adobe Premiere CS5
3DS Max 2012 (64-Bit - Not backwards compatible to 32-Bit)
Maya 2012
Mudbox 2012
SoftImage 2010
MotionBuilder 2012
Visual Studio 2010
Unreal Development Kit
Unity 3.0 (free licence must be activated)

OSX Lion
Adobe Master Collection CS 5.5
Autodesk Entertainment Suite 2012

Note: While many machines have Cintiqs, they have NO stylus. If you have your own stylus, and would like a Cintiq machine, mention that in the registration form comments.

Special thanks to George Brown College & Jean-Paul Amore for trusting us with their hardware!