What is TOJam?
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What do I Bring?
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The goat-on-a-pole is a time honoured tradition. Gaze in awe upon its glory. If you could mention your game was created at "TOJam: FlirTEEN With Danger", we'd really appreciate it. Feel free to use our official logo.

1. Goat On A Pole - 529 x 1038

That's a mighty fine goat.

"GoatOnAPole" can be completely altered - cropped, shrunk, replaced with an anime version, turned into a weapon, whatever. As long as the game contains a whiff of the Goat, we're happy.

Photoshop (PSD) Version
JPG Version (green background)
PNG Version
GIF Version

2. The TOJam 2020 Logo - 1980 x 1020

TOJam Hindsight is 2021

Photoshop (PSD) 1980 x 1020
PNG Yellow Background 1980 x 1020
PNG Transparent Background 1980 x 1020

Thanks for helping spread the TOJam!