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George Brown College
School of English as a Second Language - 341 King Street East, M5A 1L1
Same building as last year's :)
(nearest intersection is King St. East & Berkeley St.)

On Friday from 10:00am - 6:00pm we'll be on the ground floor to process your registration. You'll take the elevator to floor 3 or floor 5 (or stay on floor 1), where you will be abused for 3 days.

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Google... you blow my mind.

Unfortunately, there is no free parking at George Brown.
Street parking is not feasible (see below).
George Brown provides a GREAT writeup of nearby parking lots here. We are considered the St. James Campus.

I always like Green P Parking. Carpark 125 looks like the best bet. $13.00 7am - 6pm, $6.00 6pm - 7am. While you can apparently buy your entire weekend up front (just press MAX multiple times), there are no in-and-out privileges.

Other Possibilities

George & Richmond
outdoor, cheap, believe they support overnight

George & King
underground parking in King George Square

Sherbourne & Adelaide
outdoor, should be cheap

Sherbourne & Front
outdoor, not the nicest area

Street Parking

Just say no.

Generally speaking, you need to pay $1.50 an hour between 8am and 9pm, and can only buy in 2 hour chunks. Running back & forth every 2 hours is irritating, and expensive. After 9pm, metered street parking is free until 8am the next morning.

However, there are bylaws regarding street parking that might get enforced. I believe you can only street park for 3 hours max, and street parking is not permitted between 2am and 6am. Metered Street parking is expensive, unmetered Street parking is risky. You can't win.


You cannot bring them into the building. While you can lock your bike on the street, I'm seriously concerned it will get stolen.