What is TOJam?
What do I Bring?
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Technologies Allowed

You are allowed to use whatever technology you want. We have no restrictions. i.e. HTML5, XCode, Android, Flash, Unity, XNA, Game Maker, Unreal Development Kit. You are encouraged to use whatever code and libararies you've already developed. You should arrive with tedious infrastructure code already built (menu system, titles, fonts, keyboard & mouse inputs), and with stock assets ready to roll.

Given the absurd deadline, you'll need all the help you can get.

Your completed game can run on any system you like i.e. iPhone, Android, PC, Nintendo DS, MAC, Linux, iPad, Droid, Wii. As long as it's a videogame, we're happy. Keep in mind that ignoring Windows means we may not be able to show it at the TOJam Arcade. But you knew there were risks...

What's the catch?

Catch 1 You have to report what technologies were used in the creation of your 3-day game - including what libraries you used (home grown or otherwise). This information will be posted on the web site along with your game. It's only fair. That way, people understand why your Assembly language Breakout clone is an achievement, while the Unity Breakout clone is not.
Catch 2 You can't bring a pre-existing game. While we allow all technology and helper libraries, and want people to arrive with infrastructure code already built, the game itself must be started at the jam.

Dancing Robot


There are a number of technologies you are no doubt thinking of making use of at the Jam. Be sure you know what you're getting into!

Some things you do NOT want to do:

Some things you DO want to do: