What is TOJam?
Required Images
What do I Bring?
What We Provide

We provide a desk, power, chair, and Internet.
There are 2 electrical outlets per machine (monitor + machine).

We CAN provide you with a George Brown machine. On the registration form, choose "Give me a George Brown machine" from the "I will bring" dropdown. The machines are pretty amazing.

We are currently determining what food our sponsors can provide.
What You Bring

Last, but most important, don't forget to bring a well thought out game design! If you just start thinking about your game idea on Friday night, it will be too late.

Bring EXTRA Stuff

People, including your organizers, always forget to bring stuff. Bringing extra stuff means if someone forgets to bring an item, you get to be a hero! I'll announce requests for extra stuff during the jam. Label your stuff!

We're looking for extra:

Don't go out of your way to bring any of these items, since we may not need them. If it's relatively easy for you to bring any of these, thanks in advance!

Pack Mule