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Q:Do you provide machines or monitors?
A: YES! Thanks to George Brown College. A full machine with a beautiful monitor is available to every person that attends TOJam. Full machine details. If you're a George Brown student, it's the same system you've grown to know and love. i.e. George Brown students don't need to bring a computer, they're all set. The drawback? If you restart, the machine reverts the hard drive image back to it's original state. Anything you installed or saved will be lost. Hence, you can only temporarily install apps, and data must be saved to an external USB key/drive.
Q:Can I attend the event just to hang out?
A: No! We don't want people who aren't making games distracting those that are. That being said, you can certainly drop by for a visit to see what TOJam is all about (beyond all the glamour).
Q:Who owns the completed game?
A: You Do. We post your game for free download, but that's it. If you keep working on the game after the jam, we are more than happy to post the updated version, up to you! :)
Q:What technology can I use?
A: ANY TECHNOLOGY YOU WANT. Flash, Unity, XNA, Gamemaker, Scratch, PyGame, C++, Cocos 2D, Inform, Game Salad. We love them all! More information here. We highly recommend using technology you already understand so you can concentrate on building an awesome game, rather than learning.
Q:Can I make games for iPhone, Nintendo DS, Linux, etc.?
A: You can make games for whatever platform you want. In the past, we used to require all games to support windows. That is no longer the case. Keep in mind that ignoring Windows means most people will be unable to download and play your game, and we may not be able to show it at the TOJam Arcade. Otherwise, go NUTS!
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Q:Why not make this event competitive?
A: If we did make this a competitive event, we would need to police everyone to keep things fair. i.e. Ensure similar technologies, similar skillsets, no cheating, etc. We lack the desire and the manpower to do this... although Arthur is quite menacing. Just getting a decent game done in 3 days is competition enough.
Q:Why not limit the technology allowed?
A: More technology = more completed games. More technology = more developers that want to attend. Since this is not a competition, and our goal is to complete as many great games as possible, there is no benefit in limiting the technology. We want everyone to show off what they can do. Mind you, if I had my way, everyone would be forced to use VB6.
Q:Can I bring my own library/framework I've been developing for years?
A: Yes. However, you are required to list any significant pre-created code you used - home made or otherwise. i.e. If you created a game using C++, SDL, STL, ODE (Open Dynamic Engine) + a custom framework you need to state that. This way, there is an explanation why some developers were only able to create Pong while others were able to create PONG: EXTREME.
Q:Can I bring my game I've been working on?
A: Now THAT'S where we draw the line. NO! Everyone attending needs to create a new game. We don't care what technology you use. We don't care what libraries you bring. We do care if you bring a pre-made game. Try something new, and then return to your albatross.
Q:Did you know TOJam sounds like "Toe Jam"?
A: Ohmygod!