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Kind of Frequent

Q:Do I need to be part of a team?
A: NO! Everyone knows that teams are for wusses. You are more than welcome to fly solo. Lone programmers cranked out entire games by themselves. Lone artists became floaters that helped other programmers / teams.
Q:How do you distinguish between a library and a pre-made game?
A: A little thing called trust. Plus, does it really matter? If people do bring uber libraries to the event, they have the added burden of having to produce some kick-ass games - lest they risk the ignominy of their peers. Peer ignominy: is there anything worse? Additionally, if it's not obvious they brought a pre-made game, they probably needed the head start.
Q:Are you really worried about people bringing libraries and pre-made games?
A: Now that you mention it... NO! Programmers are united by the fact they loathe libraries and hate finishing projects they start (the honeymoon ends early). We're more worried attendees will try to create super ambitious games with nothing but a keyboard, and a dream.
Q:Can I create a mod?
A: Yes! In the past we viewed mods as beneath contempt, but if you can make something original why the heck not. Be sure to list the engine you used.
Q:Do I have to give you my source code?
A: No. But if you do want to share your dirty secrets, we'll post it on the website along with the game.