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Not Really Being Asked

Q:What was the point of TOJam again?
A: TOJam is all about getting great games made (that just happen to take 3 days)! Plus, it's FUN!
Q:Do I have to use VB6.0?
A: No. But Jim would be impressed if you did.
Q:Can I make a clone of an existing game?
A: Absolutely... because the world really needs another variation of Pong, Asteroids, Pac Man, Tetris, Bejewelled, Super Mario, etc. Clones are for CHUMPS. See Game Philosophy for inspiration.
Q:Can I create a multiplayer game?
A: Multiplayer on one machine? Sure! Multiplayer across a network? Sounds ambitious for 3 days.
Q:Is it really fair to allow everyone to use different technologies?
A: This isn't a competition! Who cares! If one person can create a better game thanks to their choice of technology, terrific! If someone chooses the hardest language possible but still creates a compelling game, fantastic! Just get a game done in 3 days. That's all we ask.