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Emergency Response Team

Emergency Response Team - Fluid Games

Game Status: Complete.
Download Game

Fluid Games
Daniel Piacampo - Designer
Mark Cautillo - Programmer

Matt Hammill - Graphics

Sound Effects by:

ERT is an amazingly compelling top-down puzzle game. The object is to route emergency vehicles to their destinations within the given time limits while keeping track of fuel levels and score multipliers.

How to Play
An emergency message will scroll across the ticker on the top of the screen. There are 3 types of emergencies: Police (blue), Fire (red) and Ambulance (white). A contracting circle will appear on the board indicating where the emergency is. Launch and guide the appropriate vehicle to the circle and then return it back to the station.

When the emergency occurs, click on the appropriate fuel bar (blue, red, white) to release a vehicle. Fuel bars are located on the right side of the screen. Guide the vehicle to its destination by clicking on the arrows located at each intersection. After the emergency has been fixed (circle disappears), guide the vehicle back to its station for refueling.

Installation Instructions
Heavy Install - XNA Game.
1. Install DirectX 9.0c+
2. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0+
3. Install Microsoft XNA Framework 1.0 Refresh
4. Download Game, Unzip and double click "Emergency Response Team.exe".

You probably already have DirectX 9 and .NET 2.0 installed thanks to Microsoft Automatic Updates. There were 4 other XNA games created at TOJam #2, so it's worth the trouble.

Technologies Used
XNA Game Studio Express - XACT Audio Authoring Tool, Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3

Fun Facts
If you want a kick-ass presentation, hire these guys. They did a short presentation of ERT at Toronto Energize IT 2007 that would have made Gates himself weep with joy.

Mark Cautillo sprained his ankle at during TOJam and hopped around for 2 days. I've never seen anyone hop that fast.

Jim's Corner
New Game Mechanic Alert! This isn't about arcade reflexes, it's about thinking ahead and staying sharp. It's like brain training, but fun! Based on this success, perhaps every team should consider employing a full time designer. Then again, you'd need a coder capable of meeting the vision. Dream team indeed. Download ERT already.