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Giant Robot Battles

Giant Robot Battles Jonathan Doda

Game Status: Complete.
Download Game

Jonathan Doda
Game Creator

Matt Hammill - Graphics
Anthony Garin - Sound

2 Players Required. Turn Based Strategy. Giant. Robot. Battles.

How to Play
Mouse + Left Click: Move the Robot. Shoot.
F - toggle fullscreen
Q - quit

Each player controls a squad of 4 giant robots. The goal is to destroy the other player's robots. Each player turn is comprised of 2 steps: Move. Shoot. When your turn starts, a robot is picked for you. It's always the robot at the center of the screen

Step 1: Move
A green circle surrounds the robot. The size indicates how far this robot can move. Click within the green circle, and the robot will move there. The robot will not move if it is blocked by an obstacle. Spacebar to skip this phase.

Step 2: Shoot
A red circle surrounds the robot. The size indicates how far this robot can shoot. Click on an enemy robot within the red circle, and you'll shoot that robot. You can't shoot if you're blocked by an obstacle. Spacebar to skip this phase - necessary if there are no robots you can shoot.

Pro Tips
Flanking enemy units will cause 50% more damage.

The cursor changes to indicate an obstacle is blocking you from moving or shooting. Handy!

Each robot has a unique move and unique shoot radius, use to your advantage.

Installation Instructions
Heavy Install.
1. Install Python 2.4+
2. Install Pygame 1.7+
3. Download Game, Unzip and double click "grb.py".

Technologies Used
Python, Pygame

Fun Facts
The robots look small since the camera uses a bird's eye view. Compare the size of the robots relative to the buildings - they're HUGE :)

Pygame was also used to create 2006's Jammin', Burning Lips and Sally's Racing Stripe.

Jim's Corner
Great Name. Clean, Crisp Graphics. You and a friend both need to spend time learning the strengths/weaknesses of all 5 robots in order to develop strategies. Otherwise, the game will devolve into turn based Atari Combat. While I realize it's not feasible for 3-days, this game would play great across a network because each turn is so quick. Currently, due to the sheer amount of quick switching required, it is somewhat overwhelming for 2 players to keep swapping the keyboard and mouse.