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Tomorrah's Grub

Tomorrah's Grub - Team Adrenaline

Game Status: Complete.
Download Game

Team Adrenaline
Adrian Ma - Programmer
Jeffrey Ma - Programmer
Monkey Jello Str8 Up - Graphics

Matt Hammill - Graphics
Anthony Garin - Sound

Tomorrah is a hillbilly that has to get grub to feed his wife (his cousin's mom's father's daughter's daughter) and their 27 children! There's FREE food at the farmer's market, but only the food that has gone rotten. Stock up on Tomorrah's grub, today!

How to Play
Tomorrah is the farmer with the YELLOW hat. Pick up the rotting food (red) and fling it into your GRUB basket. Don't fling the fresh food or the vendors will getcha!

WASD - Move Tomorrah
SpaceBar - pick up food item
Mouse + Right Click - drop food item
Mouse + Left Click - aim, select power, and shoot food

Aiming the food is tricky. After you pick up a food item, hold the left mouse down. An arrow will appear that shows you where the food will be flung, and with how much power (more red = more power). Moving the mouse will turn the arrow and increase/decrease the power. You need to aim for the GRUB basket, and select the perfect amount of power (don't overshoot or undershoot).

If you fling your food very close to the GRUB basket, you don't have to worry about power.

Installation Instructions
Heavy Install - XNA Game.
1. Install DirectX 9.0c+
2. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0+
3. Install Microsoft XNA Framework 1.0 Refresh
4. Download Game, Unzip and double click "TomorrahsGrub.exe".

You probably already have DirectX 9 and .NET 2.0 installed thanks to Microsoft Automatic Updates. There were 4 other XNA games created at TOJam #2, so it's worth the trouble. Be forewarned, game has significant load times. Your patience is appreciated.

Technologies Used
Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, XNA Game Studio Express, Farseer Physics Engine

Fun Facts
Team Adrenaline also created Glucose Maximus

Jim's Corner
Cute Farmers? Spoiling food? Sounds like my local grocery store. This innocent looking game disguises a challenging control scheme. When you finally manage to long distance fling into the GRUB basket, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment.