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Urban Tactics

Urban Tactics - Team Pixelicious

Game Status: Complete.
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Team Pixelicious
Miguel Sternberg - Artist
Rosemary Mosco - Artist
Bijan Vakili - Programmer

Zombies have invaded your town!! Defeat as many as you can before they take you down.

How to Play
Click on any square to move there. You can use the arrow keys to move the camera around, and the + and - keys on the Number pad to zoom in and out.

If you get close enough to the zombies, you will attack them with your music. Don't get too close, though, the zombies have music of their own. You also have the Mark of the Holy Goat at your disposal. Press Spacebar to paint it on the ground at your feet. If a zombie steps on the symbol, it will detonate and kill all zombies within a large area. Through divine providence, you have an unlimited amount of spray paint to work with.

Sadly, you are doomed. See how many of the living dead you can take down with you, though. There is no way to restore lost health.

Creating    * Download Game Bonus *
You can edit the level. Hover over any square and hit one of the keys below to change the tile. Hit 5 on the NumPad to refresh the map. The new map data automatically copies itself onto the clipboard, and then you can just do a Select All and Paste in levels.txt to apply your changes. Units will not react to the new tiles unless you close the game and restart. Try not to draw off of the edge of the map, and leave all of the border squares as walls.
4- Road tile, 3- Wall tile, 2- Sidewalk tile, 1- Grass tile

Installation Instructions
No Install! Just play online! To play offline, download, unzip and run "Urban_Tactics_v1.0.exe".

Technologies Used
Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3 + ImageReady, Graphics Gale, Oranges

Fun Facts
Andrew Traviss was the fingers behind Solar Force Toronto while Miguel Sternberg transformed into an unstoppable art tornado. When not buried in pixels, Rosemary Mosco makes awesome comics.

Jim's Corner
Technically speaking, this game is amazing. Isometric perspective, lots of characters, full scrolling, and even zoom capablities. I didn't even know you could do this in Flash. Artistically speaking, the game features uber detailed pixel art which looks fantastic. You don't get that sidewalk detail without some painstaking research. Gameplay speaking, the living dead are minding their own business - and you're killing them.