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Choon - Team Awesome

Download Game!

Team Awesome
Jonathan Doda - Programmer
Andrej Karpathy - Programmer
Daniel Lister - Programmer
Ian Chan- Artist

Arthur Zaragoza - Sound

Mining cheese on the moon! Dig tunnels through the cheese in serach of high quality radio-active swiss cheese. Along the way, you battle massive monstrous moon mice.

How to Play
Blast tunnels throught the cheese and find chunks of cheeses, exchange them for money which can use to up grade equipment on the surface. Be sure to kill the rats before they kill you.

Main Controls
Mouse Aim Laser
Mouse Click     Fire Laser
A, D Move Left/Right
W Fly Up
Spacebar SUPERLASER (escape upwards)
Inventory Controls
Up/Down Select Upgrade
Enter Confirm Upgrade

The rat radar in the top left corner will tell you where the enemies are hidden.

Installation Instructions
Lightweight Install. Simply unzip and run "choon.exe".

Technologies Used
Python, Pygame

Fun Facts
Team Awesome should not be confused with TOJam veterans "Team AwesomO". Your TOJam organizers should have prevented this from happening, but can you ever have too much awesome? Eventually, a Star Trek style duel will be held to determine the true owner. In the meantime, both teams shall live side by side in Smurf harmony.

Choon runs at 640x480, but it works in the game's favour. The game feels "gritty", and the moon feels "chunky".

Jim's Corner
Destroying the giant moon with your mouse controlled laser never gets old. It's easy to do, it's fun AND it's encouraged! Most games would require you to patiently dig into the moon - not so here. When you eventually grow tried of spelunking, hit the "escape upwards" spacebar for a treat. My new goal in life is to burrow into my backyard as deeply as possible, then hit spacebar. I had no idea that Python and Pygame (which are not hardware accelerated) could be used to create a game like this.


Team's Awesome Official Video
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