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Colour - Team Official Moderator

Download Game!

Team Official Moderator
Teddy Lee - Designer
Kenny Lee - Designer
Houshi Allami - Designer

Felix Leung - Script/Coding

4 players required. Colour is a competitive four-player game that tests the limits of your understanding of trajectory and angles. The object of the game is to gain the highest score after four rounds, which is accomplished by manipulating a bouncing ball by placing bars on the playing field.

How to Play
Position a bar anywhere on the playing field by using your mouse and clicking. The arrow keys change the rotation and length of your bar. Place the bar so it will rebound the ball into your goal. Press Esc to exit the game at any time.

  • Each player lays 1 bar (colour of the bar indicates the player). This process is repeated 4 times until 16 bars are on the playfield (4 of each colour). At which point the ball will automatically come into play.
  • You score 10 points for every time the ball bounces off one of the bars you placed. 50 points are awarded for whichever goal the ball lands into at the end of a round. The player with the highest point total after four rounds wins the game.
  • You cannot place bars that overlap with the yellow aura surrounding other bars or the yellow aura surrounding the ball at the start of the round.
  • Every bar on the playing field has a durability. If a bar is hit by the ball three times it will be destroyed.

Use the yellow auras to your advantage. If you don't want someone placing a bar near one of your own, try shrinking the size of your bar before placing it down. The aura will grow, giving your competitors less space to block your bars.

Scoring the ball into your goal isn't the only way to win the game. If your goal is blocked and it seems like all hope is lost, try and place bars so that the ball will hit it. Remember, you still get 10 points for each time the ball hits one of your bars!

The turn order rotates with every round. Use that to plan ahead for the next round.

Installation Instructions
Lightweight Install. Simply unzip and run "Colour_V1_Moderator_Team.exe".

Technologies Used
Homemade framework, OpenGL, GameMonkey Script, FMod, GLFW

Fun Facts
To confuse the TOJam organizers, the team originally called themselves the "Official TOJam Moderator Team".

Jim's Corner
I like the idea, the controls, and the clean graphic style but... requiring 4 people to hot swap 4 times per round is just not realistic, especially considering each turn is so short (lay a bar, switch). We had a similar problem last year with Giant Robot Battles. I think the concept could be reworked into a decent single player game.


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