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TTC Crowd Control

TTC Crowd Control - Team Null Pointer

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Team Null Pointer
Richard Yan - Programmer
Jin Kang - Programmer
Romano Oh - Graphics

Adam Tsui - Sound

Try to fit as many passengers as possible onto the subway train, then help the right passengers off at their destinations.

How to Play
Finch Station has an awesome interactive tutorial

Mouse - Select and drag a passenger
W, A, S, D - Move selected passenger

Drag the people onto the subway before the doors close. When the subway departs, ensure that each person is comfortable. When the next stop arrives, drag the people off who want to get off (look for !).

Play Finch Station.
Some passengers mind being very close together.
Passengers flagged with ! want out at the next stop.

Installation Instructions
No Install! Just play online!

Technologies Used
Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop

Fun Facts
They've come a long way since the oddly compelling, strangely repulsive, and ultra hard Space Goat.

Jim's Corner
A welcome change of pace at TOJam. Here we have a nice, charming, unassuming game about getting on and off the TTC subway. You drag cute people onto the subway. They ride to the next stop. They get off. Simple. Sweet. Logical. While not that challenging, it's just fun. The catchy, unobtrusive soundtrack, various authentic subway stops, and new people keeps things interesting.

Easy to overlook is the game's unique scoring system. If you do something wrong (place 2 people close together, drag the wrong person off the subway) you'll lose points. However, if you correct the error (at anytime) you'll immediately get those points back. This idea could revolutionize the casual game world. It's kind of like the Prince of Persia "reverse time" mechanic, without all the bother.

Crowd Control is the ultimate game when you want a break. You can even drink your coffee while playing it. Our first TOJam subway game, hopefully not our last.

v3.0  Major improvements. Gameplay tweaked! Full mouse controladded! Full Tutorial. Multiple levels. The subway leaves the station! Lots of work put into this since 1.0. Dare to compare.

v1.0  Play Original Version Now


If you had the Adobe Flash Player, there'd be a cool video here.

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