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Der Baron Von UberCheesen Cheese Factory

Der Baron Von Ubercheesen Cheese Factory - Team Invisible Ninja Parade

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Team Invisible Ninja Parade
Miguel Sternberg - Artist
Rosemary Mosco - Artist
Alex Bethke - Programmer
Andrew Traviss - Programmer / TOJam Ambassador

Eric Kim - Title Screen
Chris Langille - Sound

You must construct and maintain a profitable cheese factory in order to appease the evil Baron von Ubercheesen.

How to Play
There are 3 modes:
1. Add machines 2. Add conveyer belts 3. Remove conveyer belts.
Toggle between modes using the "Goat-On-A-Pole" button.

Conveyer belts move in the direction they were laid. i.e. Moving mouse form left to right creates a conveyer belt that does the same

Construct machines by selecting them from the Machine menu. Choose various settings for each machine based on the type of cheese you want to produce.

Make your decisions on what cheese to produce by following the "cheese market" to see which cheese is most valuable.

Installation Instructions
No Install! Just play online!

Technologies Used
Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3, Graphics Gale, Tile Studio

Fun Facts
This team is a TOJam dream team. Members are responsible for TOJam classics Killer Coding Ninja Monkey, Urban Tactics, Solar Force Toronto, not to mention some killer art.

Jim's Corner
The pixel artwork and animations are ultra detailed and absolutely fantastic. The game is incredibly ambitious, and I love what the team is trying to do.

Having said that, building the factory is quite a frusterating experience. You need to strategically lay conveyer belts to transport the cheese from machine to machine. It's extremely tricky to do this, even after you know what you're doing. I'm hopeful that a future version might solve this.

Ironically, because it's so tricky, building a large working factory will fill you with a huge sense of accomplishment. Plus, the desire to see the cheese move along the conveyer belts, and through those funky machines, motivates you to finish.

v2.0  Conveyer belt system reworked (no longer hold shift). Various improvements.

v1.0  Play Original Version Now
In this version, hold Shift to lay conveyer belts.


If you had the Adobe Flash Player, there'd be a cool video here.

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