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Goats Amoré

Goats Amore - Team Two Men and a Heido Ho

Download Game!

Team Two Men anda Heido Ho!
Jim McGinley - Design & Programming
Heidi Lau - All Graphics
SoundPants - Voicework, Sound Effects, Music

You are a lonely piece of cheese chasing a goat.

How to Play
The goat leaves cheeses in your path that jealously guard the goat. To bypass them, you need to win their respect by matching their height, shape, colour and texture.

D or Up - Height: Switch between Short or Tall
F or Down - Shape: Switch between Straight or Rounded Corners
J or Left - Colour: Switch between Yellow or White
K or Right - Texture: Switch between Solid or Holes

These 4 characteristics combine to produce 16 possibilities
i.e. A short, straight, yellow, solid piece of cheese
i.e. A tall, rounded, white, holey piece of cheese
i.e. A tall, straight, white, solid piece of cheese
Find the combination that matches the cheese guard.

Early levels feature less characteristics to worry about
i.e. Height & Shape - only 2 keys needed (Height and Shape)

Get a good night's sleep before playing.

Installation Instructions
Simply unzip and run "GoatsAmore.exe". If the game fails, install Visual Basic 6.0 SP5 Runtime Installation Pack and try again.

Technologies Used
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (VB.Net is for losers)

Fun Facts
Visual Basic 6.0 is making a comeback at Microsoft.

Goats marks the return of the mysterious SoundPants, who created music for 7 TOJam #1 games.

Heidi's fiancé Gary suggested both "Goats Amoré" and "Goatcha" as titles. The man is a genius.

Rob's Corner
Goat's Amore will give your brain a run for its money. A brain teaser wrapped in an enigma wrapped in cheese with a goat. You'll definitely want to progress through the difficulty levels at a comfortable pace. You could try the more difficult levels right off the bat but well... don't say I didn't warn you. Changing the shape and size for each cheese piece is reasonable but once you throw in color and texture it becomes a journey through parts of your brain you haven't used in quite some time. Maybe they can adapt this as a mini game in the next brain age?

Jim's Corner
While my game turned out exactly as I planned, I found v1.0 (which had no sound) irritating. The reward for matching a cheese (you get to keep moving) was no match for the irritation endured by a mismatch (you bounce back). Soundpants' voicework, sound effects and music (v2.0) transformed this grind into a funny, compelling experience. It's exactly the same game, but now it brings a smile to my face.

v2.0  Sound added. Aliasing problems fixed. Cheese roundness and whiteness tweaked.

v1.0  Download Original TOJam Version
Features no sound.


If you had the Adobe Flash Player, there'd be a cool video here.

The Peanut Gallery

June 25, 2008 7:58:08 AM

In 2 weeks, I should have a muchos improved version of Goats Amoré. There is a crazy good ending that needs to be added (Heidi did the graphics, I just haven't had time to add it).