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Hot Potato Advanced 2000

Hot Potato Advanced 2000 - Team Jester's Nightmare 2000

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Team Jester's Nightmare 2000
Phil Ammar - Programming
Josh Lai - Programming
Anthony Agostino - Art
Dave Aucoin - Art
Neph Mitchell - Audio

In the year 23758 a disease has swept over Earth that has killed bagillions. A disease...called WAR.

The humans are now forced to fight for freedom. Forced to fight for the last of the survivors. Forced to fight for the only good food left: CHEESE.

Being bombarded by nuclear potatoes, the last of the humans take refuge and need your help to be safe. Safe from war. Safe from malnutrition. Safe...FROM POTATOES.

How to Play
Refugees will be dropped off in a quadrant of the screen. Keep potatoes out of their quadrant by clicking and dragging on the potatoes to catapult them away.

You see those blinking mines - they're potatoes.
Potatoes blow up randomly, they are not on a timer.
When the helicopter is leaving, throw potatoes into that quadrant.

Installation Instructions
No Install! Just play online!

Technologies Used
Adobe Flash CS3

Jim's Corner
Perhaps the most realistic looking game produced at TOJam #3. The funky tense background music kept me pumped. Trying to clear the potatoes from the refugee quadrant is tricky. Having those potatoes randomly explode on you is... annoying. I mentioned this to one of the developer's and he pointed out, "It's called Hot Potato for a reason." I like their style.


If you had the Adobe Flash Player, there'd be a cool video here.

The Peanut Gallery

June 25, 2008 6:26:11 PM

Thanks for posting our game guys, we appreciate the work involved!