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Lactose Intoler-ANTS!

Lactose Intoler-ANTS! - Team Adrenaline

Download Game!

Team Adrenaline
Adrian Ma - Programmer
Jeff Ma - Programmer
Angela Lau - Graphics Designer

Arthur Zaragoza - Sound

Fry all ants that are trying to ruin your picnic!!

How to Play
Use the stylus/mouse and drag over the ants to fry them with the sun's rays.

Important: A bug in the Nintendo DS emulator causes the cursor hotspot to be at the bottom right of the cursor, and NOT where the cursor is pointing.

Installation Instructions
Lightweight Install. Simply unzip and run "Lactose_Intolerants.bat". This will automatically start the Nintendo DS emulator NO$GBA.

Technologies Used
DevKitPro 1.4.6, Pa Lib Community Update 080203, DevKitArm r21, iDeaS NDS Emulator, Visual C++ Express 2008

Fun Facts
Adrian and Jeffrey did not know Angela before TOJam #3. It was a last minute team-up, and a perfect match.

Every TOJam so far, Adrian has switched technologies. The man is a programming chameleon.

Jim's Corner
This game is the cutest TOJam game yet produced (TTC Crowd Control is close behind). The artwork has lots of style and is SOOOO cute! The title screen and credits are cute. The ants are cute (even when they're running back and forth on fire). The ant screams are cute. As a result, killing all those poor, helpless starving ants just feels right.

The Windows DS emulator bug makes this game tricky to play. The amazing production values, and aforementioned overwhelming cuteness, make it worth the effort. Hopefully the team will fix that bug, and throw in a few more levels. The cuteness ends far too quickly.

v3.0  Minor improvements. Switching from magnifying glass to hand implemented. Bugs fixed.

v1.0  Download Original TOJam Version


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