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The Last Piece

The Last Piece - Team The Last Piece

Play Game Now!
Game takes awhile to start the FIRST time you play it!

Team The Last Piece
Alex Stittle - Programmer
Jane Ji - Programmer

Chris Seymore - Graphics
Arthur Zaragoza - Sound

2 Players Required. Playable over the Internet.
Players take turn moving mice around a grid. Whoever gets the last piece of food wins.

How to Play
Connect and play against each other via internet or network. Each player has to first type in their name at bottom of the game to connect. One player invites another by selecting their name from the right list and clicking the "Invite to last piece" button. After the opposing player accepts, play begins.

During your turn, you are allowed to move your mouse a maximum of 3 squares, one square at a time. Simply click an adjacent square and your mouse will move there. Once you've moved 1, 2 or 3 squares press "End Turn" so your opponent can move. You must eat 1 piece of cheese during your turn. Plan in advance so the other player has no choice but to leave you the last piece of cheese.

Installation Instructions
No Install! Just play online!

Technologies Used
Adobe Flash CS3, Flash Media Server 3

Fun Facts
In order to decrease the size of the Flash file, almost all of the sound created by Arthur was removed. That's actually more of an unfun fact. Hopefully, the team can find a way of solving this.

Technical Fun Fact #1: Game connects to a different server (not www.tojam.ca) using a hard-coded IP. If that server ever goes down, this game will be unplayable (we can't host the back-end, since our plan doesn't include Flash Media Server). Keep your fingers crossed!

Technical Fun Fact #2: Game uses RMTP and tries to connect to Flash Media Server via port 1935 first, followed by port 443 and finally port 80. Hopefully one of those ports works.

Jane has been with us since the beginning, and clearly relishes the yearly TOJam punishment.

Jim's Corner
A working networked 2 player game at TOJam? Insane.
A good working networked 2 player game at TOJam? Priceless.

The Last Piece is clearly aimed at a casual audience, who will love it! It's easy to connect with friends, the rules are clear, and it's always fun trying to force the other player to eat the cheese that will leave you with "The Last Piece". Call up Mom and Dad and play a round! It's the only TOJam game they might be interested in.

v2.0  Major improvements. Graphics revamped. Sound removed to reduce file size. Strange starting bug addressed.

v1.0  Play Original Version Now


If you had the Adobe Flash Player, there'd be a cool video here.

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