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Mousetrap Mania

Mousetrap Mania | Independent Games Project (IGP)

Download Game!

Team Independent Games Project (IGP)
Matthew Di Iorio - Design / Beta Graphics
Enrico Bianco - Programmer
Levo DeLellis - Programmer
Michael Amygdalidis - Programmer

Barry Rowe - Graphics (to be used in next version)
Adam Tsui - Sound

Mousetrap Mania is a Real-Time, Strategy, Fantasy-Puzzler similar to Chu Chu Rocket. Players guide an RC Cheese car by placing directional arrows on the grid in an attempt to lure mice into traps without getting eaten.

How to Play
Place arrows at the tile your mouse points to. Car and mice will follow these arrows. Press "w a s d" or arrow keys to place arrows on highlighted tile. You can only have four arrows on screen. The oldest arrow is recycled when place more. Avoid the mice and direct them into traps. Don't get nabbed or the mice will all eat your cheese.

Survive for 3 minutes by eating or use escape to quit.

Installation Instructions
Lightweight Install. Simply unzip and run "MouseTrapMania.exe".

Technologies Used
Visual Studio 2008, SDL, Photoshop, SoundForge, SDL Mixer, Flash MX 2004

Fun Facts
The Independent Games Project is attempting to gather together a group of people to build a game. They are currently in the early stages of design.

Levo is better known as ToxicHealth. His e-mail address uses neither name.

Between the 3 programmers they only had 2 computers, and not a single programmer was able to be present for all 3 days of the jam.

Matthew worked at his job during the day, and jammed all night.

Jim's Corner
Mousetrap is challenging, has multiple levels, and is built around an innovative game mechanic. The game controls perfectly, but I can't handle the disconnect between what I'm doing and what the car is doing. You lay arrows where the mouse is, not where the car is. This approach is obviously by design, and the games raison d'être. While it sounds simple, my brain just can't handle it. Definitely worth trying, although it's an acquired taste.

v1.1  Packaged the level editor (left our of the first release). Changes how images were loaded to make the game run faster. Fixed a bug in the arrow placement.

v1.0  Download Original TOJam Version


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