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Seas of Cheese

Seas of Cheese - Team Awesomo

Download Game!

Team AwesomO
Rob Segal - Programmer / TOJam Founder & Organizer
Derek van Vliet - Programmer
Nick Coombe - Artist
Matt Coombe - Artist

Chris Langille - Music and sound effects

A scrolling 2D beat 'em up using a drum based controller from Rockband. Whack the pads to beat up on those evil pirates that stole your cheddar!

How to Play
You can control our hero Ratskallion with the keyboard or the Rockband drum controller...

When using the drum controller (preferred)

  • Use the yellow and blue drum pads to move left and right respectively
  • Hit the green pad to attack
  • Use the pedal to jump
  • Green and red pad to finish off the big pirates (more details below)

When using the keyboard

  • Use the left and right arrows to move
  • Use the down arrow or 'z' key to attack
  • Use spacebar to jump
  • Use the attack button and the letter 'a' key together when using the keyboard to finish off the big pirates (more details below)

Defeating the big pirates

"Stun" them with your regular attack (down arrow/green pad). You'll then see two drum pad icons appear over the stunned pirates head which are for the green and red drum pads. Hit them together to finish off the big pirate. You can only defeat the big pirates fully once they are in the "stunned" state. If you're using the keyboard you'll want to press the down arrow or 'z' key and 'a' key together. This simulates a green and red drum pad hit.


  • Try to keep your momentum moving forward don't get stuck up stopping in one spot, finish off your enemies as quick as possible.
  • When you run into a batch of enemies keep pressing the attack button quickly to avoid getting hit.

Installation Instructions
You may need to install Microsoft's direct input package allowing you to use Xbox controllers on your PC. Get it here. Once this is done you will be able to use your Rockband drum controller or any other Xbox controller on your PC.

To play the game just unzip the download and run SeasOfCheese.exe!

Technologies Used
Torque Game Builder, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Illustrator

Fun Facts
Drinking makes the team stronger and smarter.

Nick and Matt are brothers, and have yet to kill one another.

Team Awesomo created the unstoppable Benny Hinn last year, currently Google result #17 when searching for Benny Hinn.

They created custom "Team Awesomo" T-shirts, which looked great.

Do not confuse "Team AwesomO" with upstarts "Team Awesome".

Jim's Corner
This look of this game is beyond beautiful. The graphics and animation have style, creativity and a sense of humour. The even have motion blur, last seen in Abe's Oddworld. Nick and Matt are graphic gurus beyond compare.

The game features an innovative use of the Rockband drum controller. Drumming to run, jump and attack is just plain fun. Alas, some of that gameplay magic is lost in the translation to keyboard. Curse you keyboard.


If you had the Adobe Flash Player, there'd be a cool video here.

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