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Super Cheese Repulser

Super Cheese Repulser - The Glace and The Vert

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Team The Glace and The Vert
Bao Nguyen-Huu - Code
Isaque Hossain- Art
Duy-Khang Nguyen-Huu - Art

Chris Langille - Sound

This is a single or two player multi-level game where each player uses a repulser to propell a piece of cheese through an obstacle course onto a mouse trap.

How to Play
Player One - controls the orange repulser with the mouse to propell the cheese toward the mouse trap.

Player Two - controls the blue repulser with WASD, or keyboard arrow keys to propell the cheese toward the mouse trap.

Look for hints in the background.

Installation Instructions
No Install! Just play online!

Technologies Used
Adobe Flash CS3,

Fun Facts
Team endured probably the smallest table and chairs we had at TOJam.

Super Cheese Repulser was a crowd favorite at the TOJam Arcade

Bao & Isaque also created Super Defender Robo, one of TOJam's greatest games.

Jim's Corner
This game is extremely fun to play. It has a very uniqiue look & feel that grows on you. The mechanic is great, and when you fail you always blame yourself (and not the controls or the game).

The team created a variety of levels with a great learning curve. Each level features new challenges. I made it to Level 11 and was still seeing new things. I have no idea where they found the time.

The various "win" animations demand special mention. When you successfully repulse the cheese into a trap, you are suddenly greeted with a random, screen shaking, rocket powered rat sequence. It never gets old and is all the incentive you need to finish a level.


If you had the Adobe Flash Player, there'd be a cool video here.

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