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Tractus Blaseus

Tractus Blaseus - Team High Five

Download Game!

Team High Five
Andy Smith - Graphics
Andrew Tarzwell - Programming
Chris Towle - Music / Sound Effects

Create and eliminate rows of blocks by selecting, rotating, and blasting groups of cheese squares.

How to Play
Game includes detailed instructions

Left and right arrows - move satellites
Space bar - fires a green shot to bring a block into play

Up arrow - fires a red shot to destroy a brick
Down arrow - fires a blue shot to rotate the brick
Block must be hit with a green shot before Up / Down work

There are four rows of blocks that fall from the top of the screen in waves. Each block can be manipulated by firing one of three shots at it. The blocks comes into play only if you fire a green shot at it. Once a block comes into play, it must be rotated and shaped by firing blue and red shots at it to make the best fit for the best lines. If more than one block is brought into play, a multiplier is activated.

Installation Instructions
Lightweight Install. Simply unzip and run "menu.exe".

Technologies Used
Python, PyGame, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cubase, Logic, Reason

Fun Facts
Andrew drove from the mighty town of Kingston, stayed the entire time (along with the team), and then drove back. While we absolutely do not endorse or encourage this behavior, it's still worth noting.

Andrew was a programmer looking for a team. Andy and Chris lost both their programmers to real life. Fate brought them together, but will it last until TOJam #4?

Andrew Macgyvered a precarious bed using 2 chairs and a sleeping bag.

Despite rumours to the contrary, Andy Smith does in fact sleep (in chair, head back).

Never discount the coffee making prowess of Andy and Chris.

Jim's Corner
At first glance, Tractus appears to be a straightforward Tetris variant. After you play it, you realize it's anything but. It takes a few tries to understand what you're doing (even with the instructions). Building and eliminating a line requires a lot of forethought and planning, which might be why I've only eliminated one (eliminating 2 or 3 is the stuff of dreams).

The game gives you a lot of options to deal with the blocks, but unless you think hard about them you'll simply hang yourself. The mysterious music suits the space graphics, I'm just not sold on the gameplay (possibly because I suck).


If you had the Adobe Flash Player, there'd be a cool video here.

The Peanut Gallery

Andy Smith
June 25, 2008 11:00:28 AM

Stop when it's coffee.

Chris Towle
June 26, 2008 3:27:37 PM

Never stop for Coffee?