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Triple Threat Floaty

Triple Threat Floaty - Barry Rowe

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Barry Rowe
Game Creator

3 increasingly impenetrable games produced by the troubled mind of an underused graphics floater with latent programming abilities. The greatest trilogy ever created at TOJam.

40 Minutes left
It's 7:20pm Sunday, the last 40 minutes of the jam. You grab your keyboard and quickly create... Pong with a cheese ball.

A beer drinking game. Stare at the screen and drink beer with up to three other friends.

Loop a piece of string around 3 peggs while obeying rules that only Barry understands.

How to Play
40 Minutes left
Player 1 - Q and A
Player 2 - Up and Down
It's PONG.

Use both your left and right eyeballs to watch the screen.
Beer sold seperately.

(from the readme)

Mouse around the three pegs in such a way that if you carried a piece of string behind you, it would form a loop that couldn't be pulled off without pulling the string up off of the pegs. Additionally, if any one of the peggs is removed, the string could be removed without it going over the remaining pegs."

When you go around a loop, it will be appended to the "group element" text on the top of the screen. "a" means the first peg, "a^-1" means going around the first peg but in the opposite direction. Parts with "a a^-1" will automatically be removed. If there is no loop present (or it doesn't wrap around anything), it will be displaye as "e".

As I said, only Barry truly understands.

Next year, ensure our graphic floaters are kept busy with graphics.

Installation Instructions
Lightweight Install. Simply unzip and run "engine.exe".

Technologies Used

Fun Facts
Ironically, this game was by FAR the hardest game to record for YouTube (curse you Sphere). "a game about bouncing", "cheese is war", "the scourge" were all child's play by comparison.

Jim's Corner
Skip Pong (it's Pong) and Pegg (the real game is trying to figure out what you're supposed to do). Go straight to "Cheese-ohol". Under the right conditions, this may be the greatest game ever made. The game randomly commands a player to drink, with enough time inbetween orders to socialize. You never run out of things to talk about, since the game is a walking conversation piece.

Much like lightspeed, you are looking at a new form of game. A game that expands the horizon of what a videogame can be (albeit in an unexpected, probably damning direction). Mark my words, Cheese-ohol is this year's Passage. Grab some friends, grab some beers, and enjoy.


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