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Cheese-ohol 2

Cheese-ohol 2 - Barry Rowe

Download Game!

Barry Rowe
Game Creator
Coda - Music

Grab alcoholic friends. Attach Wii-Motes to beers. Drink to play.
* Best played with 4 friends and 4 Wii-Motes taped to 4 Beers *

In life there are mountains.

Mountains that must be climbed.

This is story of an elite group of mountain climbing cheeses.

Ched: The leader. Armed with plenty of pickaxes.
Favourite drink: beer.

Mozzy: The muscle. Armed with huge hammer, lobs forcefully.
Favourite drink: rum and coke.

Blue: The gentleman. Wields a superb mace.
Favourite drink: gin martini.

Brunst: The tactician. Handles a long warhammer.
Favourite drink: Mai Tai

Installation Instructions
Lightweight Install. Simply unzip and run "engine.exe".

How to hook Wiimotes to a PC using BlueSoleil software
If this software didn't come with your bluetooth dongle or PC, type "connecting a wiimote to a pc" in google and follow those instructions instead. To get a wiimote connected you'll need a wiimote and a bluetooth capable PC (if needed you can get a bluetooth dongle for $20 at various places).

  1. Press the 1 and 2 buttons on the wiimote at the same time. This will send the wiimote into discovery mode and you should be able to detect it with a device discovery command using your bluetooth software.
  2. Select the newly found "Nintendo-RVL-CNT1", and do a refresh services command. Once this works (you may have to do a few times) you can connect to the wiimote. If the wiimote lights stop blinking during the above process before the wiimote is connected, just press the 1 and 2 buttons again.
  3. Once the wiimotes are connected, you can just run the game and it will say how many wii/beermotes it has found (up to 4).
  4. To ensure your wiimotes are connected properly, there is a demo.exe in the /test folder of the game. It's from the WiiYourself! library and shows whether your wiimote is connecting, and how it controls.
  5. No sensor bar required! The sensor bar is only needed for the wii pointer functionality, which is not used in this game.
  6. Tape the wiimotes to a beer cupholder. Place beer in cupholder (allows you to replenish beers without retaping). While you can play without a beer, it's easy to accidentally trigger chug attacks. Designed for beer.

How To Play
Wii-mote - up to 4 players

Angle the Beermote - Move forward
Sip beer - Attack
Chug beer (invert the Beermote) - Chug Attack
B Trigger - Jump

Controls are designed like drinking from a bottle - taking a sip corresponds to attacking. Bottle must be put back to the upright position in order to attack again. Inverting the wiimote (as one would do if chugging) corresponds to doing a chug attack. For the best experience, attach wiimote to a filled bottle (eg: beer) and play the game.

Mouse - 1 player only

Mouse Wheel Down - Walk forward
Mouse Wheel Up - Attack
Spacebar - Chug Attack
Left Click - Jump

When you scroll the mouse wheel up, you increase the gauge on the right of the screen. When it reaches the white bar, you attack. When the white bar reaches the blue bar, you lose a life (beer).

A chug attack takes up 8 sips in your beer meter. Once your beer meter reaches the top, you'll be prompted to replace the beer and press A on the wiimote. If there are less than 8 sips left in your beer meter, you will not be able to do a chug attack until you replace your beer.

Pressing 1 on the keyboard will add a beer to the beer count.
Pressing 2 on the keyboard will remove a beer.

Super Cheat
Backspace will skip the current level

Don't drink and drive.

Technologies Used
Sphere, Gimp, SFXR

Fun Facts
Officially, Barry signed up as a graphics floater. Finding himself underused he created this masterpiece.

Barry created the original Cheese-ohol was created at TOJam #3, and I believe it was the first drinking game ever made (beating Beer Pong by 6 months).

Jim's Corner
I was a huge fan of Barry's Cheese-ohol #1, and felt it's genius was underappreicated. The addition of Wii-motes attached to beers ("Beer-motes") is inspired, and has captured the imagination of all jammers. The graphics are even more surreal, which is tempered by some perfect Tuba music. While there is a ton of variety, Barry managed to avoid over-complicating the gameplay. You'll drink. You'll laugh. You'll want to keep climbing. It's a casual game that's not aimed at your Mom. You finally have a reason to dust off those Wii controllers.

v1.1  Some tiny improvements. Not sure exactly what.

v1.0  Download Original TOJam Version


0:08 - 0:40 shows "Cheese-ohol 2" live at the TOJam Arcade

If you had the Adobe Flash Player, there'd be a cool video here.
Credit: bignobody

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