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da Boat - McPooley

Download Game!

Team McPooley
Jim McGinley - Programmer, TOJam Organizer
Polly Lee - Graphics

Navigate icebergs in unforgiving seas to find the 6 red pixels that were never replaced with proper art. For reasons never explained, you are able to scale the world while remaining the same size. Zoom out, and icebergs become snowflakes that can be pushed around. Zoom in, and droplets become rivers you can race through. At least that was the intention - execution falls somewhere inbetween.

How to Play
Up & Down - Forward / Reverse

Left & Right - Rotate
- can only rotate while moving forward/reverse

W & S - Zoom In & Out (you need to use it to understand)

Find the 6 red pixels and run them over.

While you can stay zoomed out the entire time, and simply bash your way to success - don't. It's far easier (and much more fun) to zoom in and go around the icebergs.

Each time you start, the game picks 1 of 3 kinds of playfields: squares, lines, and rectangles.

Installation Instructions
Just unzip and enjoy. If that fails, install Visual Basic 6.0 SP5 Runtime Installation Pack and try again.

Technologies Used
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (VB.Net is for the damned)

Fun Facts
During TOJam, I was only able to complete a moving boat (no icebergs, no scrolling). An elaborate backstory (featuring an uncomprising captain and his mutinous crew) was created to disguise this fact. Much time was spent after TOJam getting the game up to snuff.

You can read all about the challenges of running TOJam while building a game here.

Most players at the TOJam Arcade simply bashed their way to success.

Alongside artists I am forever in debt too, I've been responsible for the incomplete Gigantic Pile O' Pants, the accidentally meaty Noodle, and a tale of unrequited love Goats Amor้.

Jim's Corner
While it wasn't a crowd favourite, I like how my game turned out! If you play as I intended (zooming in to avoid icebergs rather than constantly bashing them), you'll have a good time. If you don't, I hate you.

I spent an inordinate amount of time on the boat physics. As a result, the best part of the game is scaling halfway and simply weaving at high speed inbetween large treacherous icebergs. Scaling in and out is neat and all, but nowhere near as fun as driving da boat. Hence, the entire reason the game exists wound up superfluous.

v1.7  Major improvements. Icebergs, scrolling, collision detection, and red dots added. Basically, I added a game. v1.0 was just a Boat.

v1.0  Download Original TOJam Version


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