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Flip The Beach - Team Invisible Ninja Squid

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Team Invisible Ninja Squid (Ninja Team)
Andrew Brykcznski - Art
Alex Bethke - Dev / Sponsor
Andrew Traviss - Dev / TOJam Ambassador
Miguel Sternberg - Art
Parrish Ziganian - Art
Andrew Rubicon - Music & Sound Effects

Pinball where the ball is a tank! Use your tank to take out enemy gun placements, bunkers and tanks.

How to Play
Arrow keys (left and right) control paddles and plunger (down) to launch ball. Use your mouse to aim your tank turret and left click to shoot.

Take your time to aim carefully before you shoot and remember that as the screen scrolls with the tank where you are shooting may change even if you don't move the mouse. Be careful to adjust for this movement with your mouse.

Get a tank into each building in enemy HQ for a special bonus.

Installation Instructions
No Install! Just play online!

Technologies Used
Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe Flex Builder 3
Motor Physics, Andrew's Motor Physics FLA Classes
Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3, Graphics Gale

Fun Facts
Our first TOJam SuperGroup! Team Invisible Ninja Squid is a combination of previous teams Invisible Ninja Parade and Squidware. They pooled their art and programming resources into 2 games simultaneously - this and the instant Nintendo DS classic Steam Ponk.

Collectively, they have worked on Solar Force Toronto, Yarrgh!, Killer Coding Ninja Monkey, Urban Tactics, Der Baron Von UberCheesen Cheese and floated on most TOJam #1 games. There's even talk of a missing & mysterious "Plant Commander".

Miguel is the brains behind Spooky Squid Games. He's currently creating the crazy cool Guerilla Gardening, and blogging about its development. The postings are fantastic.

Rob's Corner
A definite fan favorite. The concept of this game is pure genius. Playing classic pinball and having the added ability to shoot with your "ball" adds an awesome dimension to the gameplay. Miguel spent an incredibly long time working on those trees so appreciate the foliage.

Jim's Corner
Man, I wish I thought of this. The "simple" twist on pinball is simply brilliant! As soon as you see the game you intuitively know how to play it. Hopefully this launches a new genre. Match3, Escape-The-Room, Block Building, Tower Defense - prepare for Pinball + Vehicle Mashups. Play it now. It's a great game, definitely one of the best created at TOJam #4.

It goes without saying I love the pixel art. My hands ache thinking about covering that much playfield with good looking pixels. Sound effects are also top notch, I just wish they didn't overpower that awesome soundtrack. I love hitting the tank with my flippers, and guiding it with my shots. My only complaint is the actual pinball table layout. Getting the tank to the top seems impossible, and the second flipper consistently sends you into some trees (losing your treasured upward momentum). You know the game is good if I'm complaining about unfair pinball tables :)

v2.0  Spit and Polish

v1.0  Play Original TOJam Version

Video shows Team working on Flippy & Steamy

If you had the Adobe Flash Player, there'd be a cool video here.

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