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Flock U

Flock U - Team Awesomo

Download Game!

Team Awesomo
Derek Van Vliet - Programmer
Nick Coombe - Art, Sound
Matt Coombe - Art
Robert Segal - Programmer

You are a supervirus! Convert purple flu virus to your cause and battle the other superviruses! Avian flu, Swine flu, Monkey flu and Lizard flu battle for supremacy.

How to Play
Works with up to four players. Must use Xbox wired/wireless controllers.

Collect purple flu virus to grow your flock. This flu serves as your ammunition. Fire it at the other players to take them out!

Left analog stick - Move

Right analog - Shoot

Right trigger + Right analog - Direct the movement of your flock when you have it collected. In this way you can use your flock as a shield to protect you.

Powerups are triggered using the appropriate colored button appearing over each players head. (i.e. Green power-up is triggered with green button)

Green - Unleash a powerful burst attack that will hit all enemies around you.

Yellow - Sends your entire flock at the nearest enemy. A great finishing move!

Red (Heart) - Gives you extra health.

Save your flock until you're sure your going to hit your enemies. Its very easy to run out of flu "ammunition" quickly. Keep an eye out for power-ups as they appear randomly.

Installation Instructions
Heavy Install - XNA 3.0 Game
  1. Install DirectX 9.0c+ - XNA games need the absolute latest version. You probably have this thanks to MS Automatic Updates.
  2. Install Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 or greater. You probably have this thanks to MS Automatic Updates.
  3. Install XNA Game Studio 3.0 redistributable.
  4. Download Game, Unzip and double click "FlockU.exe".

Technologies Used
XNA Game Studio 3.1, Visual C# 2008, 3DS Max, SoundForge

Fun Facts
The anonymous purple flu virus became affectionately known as the "purple gubah" during the jam. It was a slip of the tongue by Matt while reviewing various game ideas over a meal. What is a "gubah"? Couldn't tell you. Team Awesomo has recently formed the game company Get Set Games here in Toronto. Check out their blog to keep up to speed with all their latest developments.

Rob's Corner
Played best with four players this is a great party game.

Jim's Corner
Team Awesomo always brings the amazing production values. This year, they brought gameplay to match it. Gathering up your flock is just plain fun. Unleashing it on your opponents is funner! Plus, those monsters are just damn cute. Tell these bastards how much you want to see this on Community Games, and maybe... just maybe... they'll submit it.

v1.1  Flash effect once you are hit by an enemy.

v1.0  Download Original TOJam Version


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