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Penguin Cow Tipping

Penguin Cow Tipping - Team Sushi

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Team Sushi
Dale Wick - Programmer/Game Designer
Giancarlo Canales - Programmer

Based on an original idea by Janet Suek

Jeff Felt - Sound
Greg Beaton - Graphics
Andrew Rubicon - Sound

Control a flock of penguins to play a prank on your neighour's cows.

How to Play
You control penguins, and have devised the perfect prank to play on your neighbours cows. Cow tipping! But you'll have to use your wits to hit the target every time. The cow needs to be pushed by 8 penguins to make it fall over. If the target is not next to the cow, first you need to place a skateboard beside the cow, then knock the cow over and push the cow to the target. If the cow doesn't land on the target or a skateboard, then you need to start that level again from the beginning.

Move the cursor to the square you want to change with the arrow keys. Hit space or enter to show the options for that square.

  • Clear square
  • Build goat on stick clockwise - This will cause penguins hitting this square to turn 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Build goat on stick counterclockwise - This will cause penguins hitting this square to turn 90 degrees counterclockwise.
  • Activate penguin drop point
  • Close menu
  • Restart level

Use arrow keys and hit space or enter to select the option. Then sit back and watch the fun. Look around with A/S/D/W and zoom in or out with "[" and "]"

This game is all about making effective use of your Goat on a Pole squares. Take a look at where your penguins will be spawning from and how they need to reach the cow to tip before beginning a level. Note that you have a limited number of Goat on a Pole squares to direct traffic so use them wisely.

Installation Instructions
Just unzip and enjoy.

Technologies Used
SDL, OpenGL, SDL TTF, SDL Mixer, custom framework in C++

Fun Facts
Dale Wick was actually on the waiting list for TO Jam #1 but unfortunately couldn't pull a team together in time to attend. He brings Team Sushi to their first jam this year to great acclaim.

Rob's Corner
Truly the pinnacle of Penguin Cow Tipping Games. It takes a few seconds to get familiar with the controls and how you need to make use of the goat on a pole squares to direct your penguin traffic. Once you get past that it has a very puzzle game feel to it. If you liked Lemmings or games of that ilk chances are you will enjoy Penguin Cow Tipping

v1.2  Released 2009-06-04

  • Added tutorial text in the bottom of the screen
  • Added exit prompt, adopts desktop resolution instead of 640x480
  • Made penguins not walk on top of each other so much, fixed penguin AI bug
  • Started work on new board elements

v1.0  Download Original TOJam Version


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