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Pipes In Space - Team Mushroom Monkeys

Download Game!

Team Mushroom Monkeys
William Chau - Programmer
Kelly Szeto - Programmer
Greg Beaton - Graphics

Protect yourself from items falling from space! Don't let even one hit the ground protected by your army of firing pipes.

How to Play
Every pipe is controlled by a number on the keyboard. You can move all the pipes using left or right on the keyboard. Weapons can be fired from any of the pipes using a span of a keys on the four different rows on the keyboard. The following key ranges specify what keys you press to fire which weapon.

  • 1 - 0 = Fire nuts and bolts. Or Goats on a pole once you run out.
  • q - p = Fires plunger. The plunger cannot be stopped. Eliminates anything in its way.
  • a - ':" = Fires homing water bottle
  • z - '/' = Fires bombs.

Mash that keyboard. Do NOT ration your bullets.
Keep fingers firing on all keys as much as possible.

Installation Instructions
Heavy Install - XNA 3.0 Game
  1. Install DirectX 9.0c+ - XNA games need the absolute latest version. You probably have this thanks to MS Automatic Updates.
  2. Install Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 or greater. You probably have this thanks to MS Automatic Updates.
  3. Install XNA Game Studio 3.0 redistributable.
  4. Download Game and run the "PipesInSpace.application". This will create a shortcut in your start menu to the Pipes in Space game. Click it to play!

Technologies Used
C#, Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0

Fun Facts
The game moves so quickly that any distraction will kill you, including trying to take a screen shot.

Rob's Corner
This one is a challenge. Have your fingers ready to move to a new weapon when you run out of ammunition otherwise you will surely lose. I know I did several times before I learned the strategy of moving quickly from weapon to weapon. Make sure you move your pipes side to side in a staggered pattern so you're not likely to miss any enemies. There are a few enemies which can work their way in between your pipes requiring you to move them side to side.

Jim's Corner
An extremely odd and original game that packs a quick punch. Once I learned to stop thinking and start mashing I had a great time. The monster moves so quickly, they easily match your obscene firepower. Admidst all that chaos, you need to determine whether you can spare the time to shift your cannons left and right. I challenge you to last 1 minute.

v1.0  Download Original TOJam Version


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