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Pond Scum - bignobody

Play Game Now!

Team BigNobody
Steven Hill - Programmer/Designer
Official Game Site

Be the scum lord of the pond! You are a scumblob in a pond. Eat smaller scumblobs. Run from larger ones. Eat power pills.

How to Play
Start a new game with Up Arrow to start as a large Scum Bubble (easy), Down Arrow to start as a small Scum Bubble (hard), or Space to start random sized.

Use the Arrow Keys to move. Eat Scum Candy to grow in size and speed. Eat smaller Scum Bubbles, flee from larger Scum Bubbles.

Use Shift + Up/Down arrows to change the camera zoom

The game ends when you have eaten all the other bubbles, or have been eaten. Each successive round will contain more Scum Bubbles and Scum Candy than the previous (up to a limit). New candy will spawn approximately every 4 seconds, new Scum Bubbles spawn approximately every 30 seconds, just to keep things interesting

Use that shift key combined with arrow keys to zoom out when there aren't many pond scum on screen and give yourself a nice perspective of the game area. When there is lots of pond scum around zoom in to give yourself a finer detailed view that will let you make quick dodges and attacks with ease.

Installation Instructions
Flash based. Play in your browser now!

Technologies Used
Flash 9, AS3, The Gimp , Audacity

Fun Facts
bignody is working on an XBOX Community version of he game.

bignobody created a free sequel to the incredibly hard but memorably awesome Fort Apocalypse. You're an extremely fragile helicopter spelunking. Sounds like he kept it as hard as the original, now that's oldschool.

Rob's Corner
Steven is a fantastic game developer/designer. Be sure to check out his website for other great games he has created.

Jim's Corner
This game is gross. Disgusting in fact. That background graphic is revolting and hats off to bignobody for truly capturing pond scum. The game is good, and with a little more work, it could be great. Collision detection is a bit wonky (he knows this), and the AI is just plain mean. Once an enemy is larger than you, and onscreen, he will make a beeline for you. This is fine when scum are small, but when they're larger they move so fast you don't know what hit you. When the level increases (and it increases even when you die) the game becomes chaos. Pond Scum Chaos I say!

  • Improved collision detection
  • Camera zoom capping (so you can't zoom in/out too far)
  • Additional Candy spawning (about every 4 seconds or so you'll hear a "bloop" sound, which means a new candy is somewhere on the map).
  • Additional Scum Bubble spawning (about every 30 seconds).
  • Fixed level reset/cleanup between rounds.
  • Removed bubble wakes (they were wonky and just eating up CPU time anyway).
  • Decreased maximum scale size to something a little more reasonable.
  • A.I. "wander" mode if there are no other bubbles or candy to react to.
  • Added The Goat.

v1.0  Download Original TOJam Version


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