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Game Name

Scale Mountain - Stinker

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Team Stinker
Alex Stittle - Programmer
Kristal Stittle - Artist
Samantha St.Onge - Graphics

The objective of the game is to climb to the top of the mountain. Each level you'll be faced with various obsticals to avoid. Failure to avoid said obsticals will reward you with death, giving you the privledge of playing the level again from the start.

To get by cracks in the mountain face, your player must be swinging. Rocks will always block you.

How to Play
WASD or Arrow Keys - Move climber around wall

Clicking and hold the left mouse button to fire the climber's pick axe, enabling him to swing around. You will need to swing to get over cracks in the mountain (rocks will still block you)

While swinging, you may use WASD or the arrow keys to retract and extend your rope, as well as provide some sway left and right

Esc brings up the menu, which allows you to skip the current level

In this game, timing is EVERYTHING. I found that extending and retracting the grappling hook was faster than climbing, but the trick is to remember theres a little delay between your mouse click and the grappling hook actually hitting the rocks. The further you try to throw the hook, the more the delay; take that into account when trying to pull off some fancy swings. While there are lots of food (health) items scattered throughout the levels, its sometimes best to just leave them and rush ahead to finish the level before some wicked ass spider or a freaking BEAR rips you a new one.

Did you notice the menu allows you to skip the current level?

Installation Instructions
Just unzip and enjoy. Make sure you have flash player or something.

Technologies Used
Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects

Fun Facts
Alex programmed TOJam #3's The Last Piece which featured online multiplayer, as well as Springbay Studio's super cute Mark and Mandi's Love Story.

Jerry's Corner
This game is way too hardcore for me. As someone who was pathetic in worms with the ninja rope, I had no chance at scaling Scale Mountain. But whats impressive about this game is the CONTENT!! EVERY LEVEL IS DIFFERENT (as far as I could tell)!! Each stage introduces new enemies, new obstacles and generally new challenges that build on top of one another. Considering this game was made in merely three days, the amount of stuff crammed into this little 10 meg is making me reel in shock. Good job team! Hope to see you next year!

Jim's Corner
Unlike Jerry, I mastered the ninja rope in Worms :) I really really like this game. It's one of the best games ever created at TOJam, certainly the most jam packed. Each level is completely different, and the variety of graphics, creatures, animation, and gameplay is astounding. I won't lie to you, the game is hard. However, the controls are great and the swinging mechanic is well implemented. When you die, it will be your fault which means you can eventually learn and conquer any level. While I like the detailed, clean & crisp graphics and animations, I find them more functional than stylish. i.e. Birds are designed to clearly stand out from the background, rather than establish an overall atmosphere. Given the massive amount of content, consider this a minor complaint. To top it all off, the whole package (graphics, sound, titles) is tied together by a great sense of humour.

v1.1  Minor browser resizing issue fixed. Fixed a couple of tiny bugs.

v1.0  Play Original TOJam Version


The Peanut Gallery

February 1, 2012 2:36:50 AM