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What awaits below?

Spirit Guide - Michael Todd

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Michael Todd - Design, Programming & Art
Ian McKay - Menu background paintings
Stephen Finney - Music
Envy - Music
Jetpack your way through the underworld in this first person adventure. Three stylish levels of jetpack fun in total.

How to Play
Standard FPS controls. Use the WSAD keys to move and the mouse to look around. Use the space bar or left click to use your jet back. Your jet pack has a limited amount of energy which will recharge quickly once you release the jetpack button.

Tap the jet pack key to 'glide'. This technique can be useful for getting across large distances. Your character has very slippery feet. When you land from a jump, it's not always a good idea to rely on friction to bring you to a stop; try moving in the opposite direction. Also, if the platform your on is tilted even a little, your character will begin to slide.

Installation Instructions
Just unzip and enjoy.
Failing that, ensure you have the latest DirectX 9.0+ installed.
Failing that, try downloading d3dx9_30.dll.

Technologies Used
gamestudio pro version A7
Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3, Audacity

Fun Facts
Michael teamed up last year to create The Scourge. Inspired by a GDC presentation by the omnipresent Cactus, this year he flew solo. Before he was Benjamin Grimm, now he's Wolverine.

Michael recently attended NoMoreSweden, or as I like to call it: ToMoreSwedenJam. They referred to him as... the Canadian.

Jerry's Corner
This game feels to me like a 3D overhaul of a 2D platform game. Everthing from the sensible level designs to the simple jetpack interface reminds of retro gameplay which is a thumbs up in my books. The Spirit Guide also features a unique art style. The characters you encounter throughout your adventure in the underworld are quite creepy. The visual design of the levels are also appropriately spooky.

Jim's Corner
A 3D first person platformer? With good controls, stylish graphics, and a ton of atmosphere? It's fun to play. It doesn't get mind blowingly hard. All in 3 days? Who are you Michael Todd? Who are you REALLY?

I remain completely and totally blown away. One of the best single player games ever created at the Jam. Additionally, the idea of finding a physical manifestation of hope always makes me smile.

v1.1  Minor improvements. v1.0 was pretty damn finished.

v1.0  Download Original TOJam Version


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