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TOJam 5     May 13 - 15, 2011
196 People! 172 Physical, 24 Remote
46 Teams, and 21 individuals created 57 playable games ...
... and 10 incomplete games

If you attended TOJam Arcade @ The Imperial Pub,
you would have seen and played all 57 games!

At some point, we will get ALL the games gathered and posted. In the meantime, play TOJam 5's Airshot Scott - it's fantastic.

Upcoming Games

   Adventure. 2D.

   Action. 3D. A man who can't back up, and can barely turn, attempts to grab orbs.

Airshot Scott
   Action. 2D. Pixel Art. Keep shooting the circle to prevent it from landing.

   Action. 3D. Desperately search for stuff in your cluttered bedroom

   Puzzle. 2D. 2 Player. Attempt to fill in a grid with Tetris pieces.

Beard Brawlers
   Action. 2D. 2 Player. Beards beating up Aliens Double Dragon style.

   Bullet Hell Shooter. 2D. Avoid the bullets while killing bosses with your freaking laser

Block Blast
   Puzzle. 2D. Classic collapse style "match-3" gameplay done with style

Bloody Arms Race
   Action. 2D. 4 Player. Race around the track while shooting your opponents.

Bootyhole Millennium
   Action. 2D. 2 Player. Stylish Vector Art. Asteroids meets Tower Defense.

Colour Happens
   Action. 3D. First person shooter. As you kill the hordes, the hills change colour.

Colour Team Tag
   Action. 2D. 2 Player. Spacewar with more ammo, and unique controls.

Dungeon Empire
   Action. 2D. iPhone. I haven't played it yet. Our only iPhone game.

Fat Dog: Garden Security Enforcer
   Action. 2D. Control a Fat Dog attempting to stop carrot stealing rabbits

   Action. 2D. Capture the ghost while destroying the room with your beam.

GIANTS Revenge
   Action. 2D. You're the Giant. Descend the beanstalk to catch Jack.

   Adventure. 2D. You wake up without a head, this causes problems.

Hot Dude Cool Chick
   Action. 2D. 2 Player. Overhead shooter where players need to co-operate

   Action. 3D. Walk around a very dark, very depressing house.

Jabberwocky Scindo
   Action. 3D. Feels isometric. Using your sword, hack & slash the evil beasts.

Kairos Mend
   Platformer. 2D. Repair your ship while walking on springs.

Kick Assteroids
   Action. 2D. Asteroids scribbled on a piece of paper, with muchos variety.

Last Hadron Collider
   Platformer. 2D. 2 Player. A race to stay ahead of impending doom.

Lazrd Wizrd
   Action. 3D. 2 Player. A fight between wizard and petrodactyl on checkered platforms.

Let There Be Light
   Puzzle Platformer. 2D. Incredible Machine meets Closure. Light the areas you stand on.

Mad Science
   Action. 2D Isometric. Use your radius of light to guide a cute fella to safety.

Metal Snake
   Action. 2D. Metal Gear Solid pared down to its core elements.

   Action. 3D. You're a garden gnome looking for his friend in a stone garden.

   Action. 2D. A spaceship scanning the planet looking for survivors.

Missing Fishin'
   Action. 2D. There's many fish in this barrel, don't shoot them.

Missing You
   Platformer. 2D. Jump from cloud to cloud as things get melancholy..

Missing: Life of a runaway
   Action. 2D. Homeless Pac-man

   Platformer. 2D. 2 Player. Jump to the top while being forced to help each other.

Nom Nom Nom Nom
   Action. 2D. 4 Player. Hungry Hungry Hippo meets Cats, kibble and liquid physics.

Physical Pool
   Action. 2D. Pool.

Pizza King
   Action. 2D. Cake mania where the Cakes are Pizza.

   Action. 2D. Attempt to move and keep your ship level by balancing the thrusts.

Rider Saves the World
   Side Scrolling Action. 2D. Ride a rocket through an asteroid field.

Rise of the Olive
   Platformer. 2D. 2 Player. 2 RYUs fight their way across a hostile world.

   Action. 3D. An isometric engine that allows rotation

Rubba Hooey
   Side Scrolling Beat-em-up. 2D. 2 Player. A bear and turtle beat up hundreds of cats.

Seeds of Descent
   Action. 2D. 2 Player. Change lanes to avoid seeds, while dropping seeds behind you.

   Puzzle Platformer. 2D. Pickup your senses, while walking around a room.

Shaman Showdown
   Action. 3D. 2 Player. Attack one another in a jungle setting.

Snake Jam
   Action. 2D. 2-4 Players. Snake with physics and an obstacle course.

Squeet Loves Goalt
   Action. 2D. Race, shrink and jump a cute squeet through a happy world.

Squid Fight
   Action. 2D. 4 Player. Everyone is a squid, only one can remain.

Sticks and Steel
   Action. 2D. Knights versus Monsters in a pencil sketched world.

Super TOJam 5 Turbo
   Action Adventure. 2D. Held the developers build the game while playing it.

Tea Time Quarrel
   Action. 2D Isometric. 4 Player. Proper British fellows have at it, then decide what wins.

The King is Gone
   Action. 2D. Dance Dance meets Tower Defence.

The Missing Bride
   Action. 2D. Frantically fit shoes on ladies until you find Cinderalla.

The Particle of Infinite Free Will
   Action. 2D. Psychedelic Geometry Wars. Groovy.

The POISON is Missing!
   Uncategorizable. 2D. 4 Players. Do what you're told.

Three Sisters
   Platformer. 2D. 2 Player. Avoid and kill green blobs, while lowering and raising platforms.

Throw a Goat
   Action. 2D. Launch a goat, see where it lands.

   Action Adventure. 2D. You're a boxer forced to throw? that? fight.

Toronto Noir
   Adventure. 2D. Hard-boiled, black and white detective takes on a dame's case.

Volcano Cork
   Action. 2D. Plug rising volcanoes with shapes from the sky.

Weightless 2
   Side Scrolling Platformer. 2D.

   Side Scrolling Platformer. 2D. Go Spelunking in search of abilities.

   Action. 2D. 5 Players. Avoid getting posessed by ghosts.

zombie apocalypse
   Action. 3D. Drive through a city that's dealing with a zombie outbreak.