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TOJam Sixy Times     May 13 - 15, 2011
260+ People
64 Teams and 47 individuals created 57 playable games
10 complete failures     44 still missing

If you had attended Digifest 2011,
you would have seen and played all 57 games!

At some point, we will get ALL the games gathered and posted. In the meantime, download TOJam 6's Shuriken Skies to tie you over.

Upcoming Games

A Wizard Is Never Late
   1P Action. Run into and over peasants, then streak.

Ass Nose Best
   2P Weird. 2 players control the same dog, vying for sniff victory.

Bacon Shark
   1P Weird. A bacon shark travels backward in time, destroying and repairing.

Bubble Invaders
   1P Unsure. Bubbles, floating underwater and sticking to each other.

Cards And Then You Platform
   1P Puzzle. Pick cards containing your moves, use them smartly.

Climb, Jumpguy, CLIMB!
   1P Action. Get jumping man to the top by rotating his world.

Dan To The Rescue
   1P Platformer. A monacle wearing 3D boxy hero tries to jump harmless holes.

Darkness After Dawn
   1P Adventure. Walk down corridors with only a lantern to guide the way.

Dr. Precarious
   1P Puzzle. Deduce who the killer is, by accusing innocent people.

Emergency Riot Response
   1P Action. Gently block protestors from destroying the city.

   1P Platformer. A stickman disobeys gravity and walks up walls.

Feed Willy!
   1P Action. Guide your whale through sunken Toronto.

Flag Fighters
   4P Action. Carve a path through the land with explosives, capture all your opponent's flags.

F'n Tosser
   1P Racing. Drive your car past some other cars, followed by glitches.

Forest Friends
   2P Mysterious. 2 garden gnomes battle with flame throwers, setting the forest ablaze.

Friday Fatale
   1P Platformer Noir. Get to your car, while unravelling a mystery.

A Friendship in 4 Colours
   2P Platformer. Work together to beat the level! Friendship and love forever!

   2 - 4P Racing. Rock and roll racing in an isometric wireframe world.

   1P Action. A giraffe's neck climbs ever higher?

Ham Sandwich
   1P Action. Use the uber rock em' sock em' catship to collect spacetrash and assemble a ham sandwich.

   2P Platformer. 2 authentic lumberjacks attempt to sick a swarm of bees on one another.

Jagaloon Invasion
   1P First Person Bunnies. Kick bunnies at suicidal maniacs.

Levo's Deathmatch
   2 - 4P Action. 4 squares try to kill each other. Deathmatch deconstructed.

   1P Action. Unfinished. Walk around, shoot some foam, watch it bounce around. Chill.

   1P Music. Play Guitar Hero with a REAL guitar and all that implies.

Milky Doom
   2P Action. Stay afloat on cereal, avoid... milky doom.

My Village
   1P Strategy. Create a village that travellers will pass through, and maybe set a spell.

   2P Action. Adam & Eve are crashing to Earth on a fragile comet.

   1P Action Puzzle. Help a rolling mine cart wheel to the exit.

   1 - 4P Action. Pirates avoid and climb booty that falls from the sky. ARRRR

Pixel Friends
   2P Strategy. Plays kinda like chess. Kinda.

   1P Platformer. Run away from the approaching tentacles, all the while keeping your hat on.

   1P Bullet Hell. In a strange bulbous universe, everything hates you.

Return of the Olive
   1P Platformer. Features MIDI version of "Beat It"... You need more?

Reign of Error
   1P Strategy. It is good to be king, from what I remember.

Robot Gaiden 3000
   1P Action Puzzle. The keys change as you play.

   1P Action. Guide a sleek spaceship around an ominous, deadly base.

Sagar Patel
   1P Action. Shoot very strange things, inspired by pop culture

Seven Jamurai
   1 - 4P Action. Battle alongside yourselves in this gorgeous twinstick.

Shuriken Skies
   2 - 4P Action. Multiple jumpers fight over a single parachute while falling to earth. Gorgeous.

Shiv City
   1P Action. Stab between fingers... lots of fingers.

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure
   1P Adventure. Explore a wonderous world filled with imagination and unicorn ponies.

Sleep Start
   1P Action. Flying in a dream world, dodging furniture.

Something Fishy
   2P Action. Work together to stop the leaking fishies.

Station 37
   1P Platformer. Fight fires, then brace yourself...

Stop Stalking Me
   1P Action. Metal Gear Solid meets disturbing artwork and themes

Storm Dragons Vs Ninja
   2P Action. Hopeless ninja battles omnipotent nature.

   1P Puzzle. Soduku was too easy so they added extra math.

   2P Platformer. 2 players (one upside down) co-operate against physics.

What Just Happened
   2 - 10P Party. Game show with awesome announcer, and kooky challenges.

You Win!
   1P Action. Start at the end of the game, then work backward.

   1P Action Puzzle. Unfinished. Gather the socks, then gather again.