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All the games can be found at itch.io. Some highlights:

Last One Standing
Each player is a domino that leaves dominoes. Start a chain reaction and pray it doesn't backfire. The polish in gameplay and presentation (love that wood table) is outstanding. I'm frankly unsure what could be done to make the game better, easily one of the best games ever created at TOJam (not to mention one of the best multiplayer games ever created). Hey Douglas Gregory, this should be on consoles!

Don't believe the hype? Let's Play by Stumpt backs me up. The Hand Eye Society Ball 2016 chose it. At TIFF's sixth digiplaySpace, it won favourite installation. Comments are STILL being made on the itch.io game page! Let's Play by Ctop describes the game as "A terrific little tile toppler."

The amazing soundtrack was created by floater David Vitas - the system works! This YouTube comment is priceless "There is the balancing goat from mount your friends on the dominoes". I recall reading that Douglas was inspired by the TOJam 11 theme "There will be consquences", which proves... something?

Cooldog Teaches Typing
Trying to make an intentionally funny single player game is impossible, but that's what they've done. Absolutely hilarious and perhaps the best typing teacher ever. Mark Plier danced to Cooldog's theme song (a midi version of the J. Geils Band FreezeFrame). Also, trying to match the word count is a puzzle worthy of The Witness.

Winging It
You're a wireframe bat navigating a wireframe cave using echolocation. Everything is composed of vibrant, colourful neon lines and it's beautiful. Be warned: It's tricky and somewhat baffling until you get the hang of it.

Trivia: The team was composed of an artist turned programmer (not to mention Hand Eye Society Executive Director), a licensed architect, and award winning composer Jake Butineau (who floated!)

"Winging It" caught the attention of KillScreen. Sagan found this bizarre but I DIDN'T. Britney Coates said it best.

Cosmic Castaway
A point-and-click adventure game with amazing atmosphere, stunning graphics AND substantial voicework. This video (featuring massive spoilers) says it best: "this can't have been a game jam game".

Neon Mountain TV 2
The sequel to TOJam 10's insane Neon Mountain TV 1. Explaining these games ruins them - just play them. VHS aesthetic + joyful attitude + anything against the wall. These games rebel without trying, are misunderstood and don't care, and are way ahead of their time. If they don't make it to Neon Mountain TV 10, I'm cancelling the jam. For the lazy/scared/you, here's a writeup and a video.

Super Disc Golf
Our first VIVE game featuring exceptional handling and a strong sense of place (Road Runner canyons!). It's unbelievable to me this was made in 3 days. Seriously, check out this video. The only reason they didn't keep going was "Life has slowed development a bit. SDG is currently a side project." Life... YOU SUCK.

Mr. Toasty's Toaster Pop
Launch your bread through the air, collecting toppings to build the perfect sandwich! I played this at the jam and it's got a ton of potential. What goes up, must come down. GENIUS. It's the natural evolution of bajillion selling ice cream and pancake stacking games, and I truly hope the developers refine things... just don't touch that catchy music.

itch.io is a simple way to find and share indie games online for free. They are generously hosting all the games created at TOJam 11, TOJam 10 and TOJam 9, and we worship them.