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TOJam: What Twelves Below
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All the games can be found at itch.io. Some highlights:

The Peak
A lonely, slow walk up a picturesque snow covered mountain. Atmospheric, beautiful, and featuring a shader by Lawren Harris. Getting to the top takes about 10 minutes, and you'll never forget the ending. The developers posted a full playthrough but don't watch it. This game is meant to be experienced, just ask GameDev Cafe (spoiler free). You know the game is good when the first comment is: "Will there be a Linux port?"

Bear-ly There
Step aside Goat Simulator and QWOP, there's a new impossible to control bear in town. His name is Barris, and he's extremely well animated (procedurally I believe). As you attempt to move, you can feel Barris' tragic heft work against you. Equal parts hilarious and frustrating. While I never fully understood how to move forward, I was able to shake, rattle and roll to some fish. With Barris' face pinned between ground and body, jaws desperately snapping, I ate one.

Fridge Raiders
While I didn't get a chance to play it, on Sunday night this drew consistent crowds. Checkout Andy Wong's coverage (7:35)! Lovely palette, a laid back pace, and lots and lots of rolling. Eat food to grow larger and sumo your opponents out of the ring. Play and twitter us your experience.

Someone attached a squeegee to a Vive controller and created a skyscraper window washing game. I don't think they uploaded it to itch.io, which hopefully means they're running with it. Godspeed. I also saw players in an HTC VIVE controlling a real flying drone. I'm not entirely sure how one relates to the other but 2 words: VIVE. DRONE.

LOTS more to discuss...

itch.io is a simple way to find and share indie games online for free. They are generously hosting all the games created at TOJam 12, TOJam 11, TOJam 10 and TOJam 9, and that's a heckuvalotta games.