Game Jam Team Toronto
Your TOJam Organizers: Jim McGinley, Emilie McGinley, Robert Segal and Zi-Xiao Liang

The TOJam Team Salutes YOU!!!


The organizers want to send a huge thank you to all the amazing game makers that attended TOJam #3. Quick Facts:
~125 game makers
29 Teams, 10 Standalones, and 7 floaters
37 games completed, 2 games >almost< completed!!!

We met some incredible people who made some incredible games. Special thanks to the game makers in room #2, who beat the heat with a smile and determination. While we didn't beat the Nordic Game Jam, we gave them a good Nordic scare. We are working on posting all the games, stay tuned for plans...

Things I learned at TOJam #3:
1. Cheese + Goats is a recipe for success.
2. Toronto* has the greatest game makers in the ENTIRE WORLD.

* My Toronto now includes Kingston and Waterloo

The Toronto Independent Game Jam gathers together the craziest game makers in Toronto for a 3 day programming binge. Programmers, artists, musicians and designers all work together to produce the best games possible. TOJam #3 just finished (it was held May 9 - 11, 2008) and some great games were produced. We're working on posting those games, stay tuned. In the meantime, visit the full site for all kinds of great stuff, including games created at previous jams.

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