Indie Game Jam 2009 2010 Toronto
The TOJam Team Salutes YOU!!!

Thanks everyone for attending TOJam #5 - all 210 of you!
185 game makers made the treacherous physical trek.
25 virtuals hunkered down in remote, often hostile regions.

~70 freaking games were made!
The quality was unbelievable, but you already knew that.
The real news: ToxicHealth apparently finished a game!

This was easily our greatest Jam ever. I credit the people that attended, the George Brown space, all that free food & drink & prizes (thanks sponsors), and our nemesis - the 8:00pm deadline.

We now begin preparation for the TOJam Arcade. We will be renting a bar and projecting the games onto the walls. We'll have ~9 projectors, showing each game for 30 minutes. It's free, open to the public, and will be held late May (hopefully May 28). The underage and overloved can stay until 11:00pm. We're trying to make it a full weekend. More info soonish.

We will post the games after the TOJam Arcade. Feel free to tweak, polish, and improve them for their first public unveiling. We want the bits at their very best.

We will be releasing 14 games each week starting May 31. We need to administer them intravenously, lest the Internet overdose on their majesty.
If you could refrain from posting your game until its premiere,
I would sincerely appreciate it.

Releasing your game early makes the "Games of June" much less mysterious.
Less mystery = less interest = less downloads = sad Jimmy.
No-one likes sad Jimmy, he pees his pants.

That being said, feel free to post screenshots / videos / reviews / whatever about your game. While I didn't get a chance to play any games, I saw many worth hyping.

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