Toronto Game Jam 2011 2010 | Indie Game Independent | TOJam
On the days of November the 26th and 27th, 2011 the people did gather to do battle at Gamercamp 3.

A Friendship in 4 Colours
Damian revised his sinsiter co-op masteriece just for the event, and brought SNES pads for an authentic experience. Many players complained about the pads, but made do. Much laughter was had. After things ended, we realized that the SNES pad input was actually totally broken - more than Damian realized.

Platform Swapstorm was impossible to play, but that didn't stop teams from trying and trying and trying. Every team was given 10 lives, which meant they lasted for 5 minutes.

Shuriken Skies wowed the crowd with gorgeus graphics, and players abandoned all strategy in favour of mad mashing.

Pirattitude became the breakout hit. The audience enjoyed watching as much as the player's enjoyed playing, and it's popularity earned it the right to be championship game. The final battle of the day was between the game's creator (Droqen) and legendary game player Matthew Sugrim. Matthew killed himself instantly (happens a lot), and a frightfully embarassed Droqen won the prize.

Super thanks to Kelvin Put for helping run thangs and keep score. There's more to talk about, but I haven't the time!