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News 2011
If it happened in 2011, it's hopefully here
The TOJam Arcade   Oct 24, 2011

Friday Oct. 28 7pm - Midnight
Saturday Oct. 29 9am - 6pm
Part of Digifest Toronto

Play the games created at TOJam Sixy Times!
On Friday we'll be rotating through all the games created at TOJam Sixy. There will be cocktails, snacks and a speaker or two. On Saturday we'll be showcasing the best of TOJam and Toronto. Since it's OCAD's 135th birthday, there may be cake. Some games are brilliant, many are strange, others don't work!
A once-in-a-year experience!

OCAD University, 100 McCaul Street
Free, Open to the Public
All Ages Welcome - ID Required on Friday

What is Digifest Toronto?
A collection of different events featuring people mixing art, technology, and design in awesome ways (not just games). 5 days of amazing stuff - some free, some not. Some highlights:

Innovation Days   Wednesday & Thursday
    Presentations about the most recent devlopments in digital culture

TIFF Nexus Locative Media Innovation Day   Friday Afternoon
    Tackling trackable, sensor-rich and location-aware reality
    Games by indie game dev and hardware hackware mashup

Digifest Halloween Spooktacular   Saturday Evening
    Costumes, dancing & drinking in St. Lawrence North Market(!)

First Person Show   Sunday Afternoon
    a show & tell for the video game, VFX and animation communities
    Ubisoft, drinkbox studios and crazy indies show off their stuff

Come for Digifest, stay for the TOJam Arcade.
Or come for the TOJam Arcade, and stay for Digifest.
It works both ways!
How do we keep TOJam free?   May 31
This page reveals all.
Finding Ponycorns   May 26
According to our stats, you might be looking for Ponycorns.
aka. Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure
You'll find them at Untold Entertainment Inc.

Due to heavy traffic, that link likely won't work.
Unfortunately, our site can't handle that load either!
Thankfully, JayIsGames created this mirror!
Don't forget to read Ryan's blog entry about building it.

Stay tuned for more TOJam Sixy Times games.
While they lack Ponycorns, they have everything else.
TOJam Sixy Times is OVER!   May 16

games were made
Sixy Sunday   May 15
1:00pm    à la Carte & Mochi Media Pastry Extravaganza
8:00pm    Drop Dead Deadline
8:15pm    Fuse Powered Pop & Pizza!
8:45pm    Presentations in rooms 200, 201
9:15pm    Closing Speech and Raffle
    Prizes from Mochi Media, Trainyard, Blammo Games
    Grand Prize Notebook Empire
9:30pm Open House - Play! Talk! Enjoy!

Throughout Day    Trainyard Candy Yard
Throughout Day    à la Carte Cookies
All the Red Bull is gone! Thanks Metanet!

11:00pm Go Home! We love you all!
Today's Schedule   May 14
11:00am    Mochi Media Breakfast
12:00pm - 5:00pm    Lynch Portraits
2:30 - 4:30pm    Mochi Media Office Hours - visit!
5:00pm - 7:00pm    George Brown & Get Set Dinner
      Pop & Juice provided by Fuse Powered
6:15pm - 6:45pm    Presentation: Origins of Mega Jump
11:00pm - 12:30am    Get Set Movie: Hackers
Throughout Day    Trainyard Candy Yard
Throughout Day    Metanet Red Bull & Juice Boxes
TOJam Sixy Times is ON!   May 13
We start at 10:00am, end at Sunday 8:00pm.
Follow most of the action at #TOJam.
We'll also blog what we can here.
One thing's for sure - it's going to be sixy.
TOJam STARTS 10:00am TOMORROW.   May 12
You can arrive anytime between 10:00am and 6:00pm tomorrow. If you will be arriving later, and haven't talked to Em or Jim about it, e-mail immediately. At 6:00pm, we will head to the waiting list.

Opening speech is at 7:30pm. We're open 24 hours. The deadline is Sunday 8:00pm. We celebrate from 8:00pm - 11:00pm. Then we kick you out.

Breakfast & Dinner on Saturday & Sunday is provided. You can sleep in the hallways/classrooms at George Brown, but I don't recommend it. Make sure you SLEEP - especially if you're driving home. Don't stay awake and drive.

Full Schedule will be posted tonight.
Sixy Times is 2 days away...   May 11
247 people - possibly 15 more.

Everyone that has registered for TOJam should have received a confirmation or an e-mail from me explaining why their registration was not confirmed. If that's not the case, e-mail asap.

We'll ensure teams with virtual/remote members have network access - everyone else should prepare for the possiblity of no network access. While we've managed to find a spot for almost everyone that registered this year, some spots are not without risk. We we will do our best, but there is a chance that you will have problems with the wireless network.

Plan accordingly. Bring resources on CD. Bring USB keys, hubs/routers and ethernet cables to network your team. We're currently mapping out team placement, and will try to inform people who are in "at risk" spots. Best case, we don't use any of it.
Note   May 4
Virtual/Remote members can STILL register!
Just e-mail cuz I got solutions. All virtual jammers must register, otherwise you'll break D.B.'s referential integrity.
TOJam Sixy Times is FULL!   May 3
All 222 spots are TAKEN.
It took less than 5 days.
Thanks so much for the support!

We currently have more than 222 registrations which means we're going to have to make some hard decisions. If you registered but have not received a confirmation, it means we're still deciding (and trying to find more space). We will contact you within the next 2 days.

If you were unable to register, hopefully you will consider attending TOJam 7. We'll continue to work on finding more space.

Questions? Contact
Note   April 29
We're busting out the Bon Jovi
Consider lowering the volume before you click.
140 Registrations in 14 hours!
That form is working overtime.

BigNobody, inspired by an idea from Andrew Traviss, has commemorated my triumph over the evil registration form. Be forewarned... it's kind of disturbing.
Registration Form LIVE LIVE LIVE!   April 29
Only 18 long, hard days after I promised. Extremely sorry for the multiple delays. Rest assured, the jam is going to be wonderful. Register NOW!

Everything you need to know about TOJam

Untold Entertainment once again provides inspiring theme advice! Highly recommend reading Ryan's 3 previous articles (one, two, three). They'll help you make better games (not just TOJam games). Ryan's blog is always fearless, hilarious, and a must read.

TOJam Ambassador Andrew Traviss offers A Quick Guide to TOJamming, with plenty of sage advice for new and veterans alike. Plus, it's QUICK!

Need more detail? Read TOJam Veteran Alex Bethke's
7 part beginner's guide.
Ignore Parts 6 and 7 at your own peril.

What's it like to organize TOJam?
4 Days of TOJam #4.
Note   April 11
The Registration is NOT live yet. Tomorrow, I promise!

The holdup is a massive behind-the-scenes database update that will allow people to edit their own game pages. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

I love you.
The Theme is Announced   Mar. 29
What Just Happened?
Special thanks to veteran TOJammer Andrew Traviss for thinking of it!

Also... when referring to TOJam #6, we'd appreciate you using the formal "TOJam Sixy Times"

Also... I found some more photos from TOJam #5. Including a beauty of that awesome buffet. Mmmmmm...
It's Official   Mar. 23
TOJam #6 will be held Friday May 13 10:00am - Sunday May 15 Midnight at George Brown's 230 Richmond campus. We have room for 300 game makers. Registrations will be live April 11.

I can't begin to tell you how hot damn excited we are about doing it. I'll update the website shortly.

5 Reasons Toronto is Unstoppable

1 Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece is the just released version of Longbow Games ongoing labour of love. If you like ambitious real time strategy featuring supply chain innovation, or you're a history buff, this game was made for you. The only reason you haven't heard of this gem is Longbow, like any good indie game developer, kinda sucks at marketing. Although there is hope.

2 About a Blob was released last month on the Playstation network. Original, stylish, cute, great co-op, and a xylophone filled soundtrack. I don't want to know how hard it was to combine blob physics + Katamari. Ryan and the DrinkBox crew deserve massive props.

3 Sword & Sorcery just released on the iPad. Maybe you've heard of it. It's already legendary, and rightfully so. The art style might seem familiar.

4 The University of Toronto has produced some amazing TOJammers and friends over the years. The Ontario College of Art & Design showcased some TOJam games last year. Rumours circulated that UofT programmers might team up with OCAD artists. Somehow they got chocolate in the peanut butter. Schools working together? ONLY IN TORONTO. On Monday April 4, from 5:00pm - 9:00pm they're showing the results. BE THERE.

5 Transgaming is on the cusp of releasing on-demand games to newer TV setups. They're holding a $50,000 competition to attract developers. Last but not least, they're providing software rendering for Flash Molehill (when your GPU just won't do). Whew.

And I haven't even mentioned DYAD ...
Merry Christmas...   Mar. 15, 2011
... Happy New Year and start preparing for TOJam #6.

We're currently working out final details with the lovely folks at George Brown, and it's going to be great. UNOFFICIALLY, it will be held Friday May 13 10:00am - Sunday May 15 Midnight at GB's 230 Richmond campus (near last year's GB Autodesk location). This is UNOFFICIAL.

If all goes according to plan, registrations will be live April 11. As always, we will keep you posted.

But what about the games of TOJam #5? We will somehow someway get them posted before TOJam #6. They will party like it's 2010.