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The Toronto Game Jam is a FREE, annual, open-to-the-public event where the craziest game makers in the world gather for a 3 day game making binge. Weiss, Webster, Kupferman, Creighton, and Woo explain things best.

"TOJam Tentacular" takes place May 1 - 3, 2015 at George Brown College (better friends you could not hope for). We've evolved into an intense pressure cooker that produces diamonds at the expense of all else. I shudder to think what we'll look like in another ten years.

Contact if puzzled or overwhelmed.
Confirmations SENT!    Apr 24, 12:20am
We've confirmed 461 registrations, including all floaters (graphic and sound)! Thank you to everyone that applied to be a part of TOJam Tentacular, but unfortunately we weren’t able to confirm the 585 applications we received. We hope you understand that we tried our best; if you register next year, please let us know that you were unconfirmed so we can factor that into our considerations for TOJam 11. It pains us greatly to have to turn away over 100 people.

Please check your e-mail (used with our registration form) to see if you’ve received a confirmation e-mail. If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail alex@tojam.ca.
400 people have registered!    Apr 15, 4:45pm
It's always exciting and humbling to see TOJam fill up. We definitely don't take it for granted. Everyone's patience waiting for registrations to go live, especially this year, is truly appreciated. The only thing I missed (when we reached 225) was our traditional Jovibration. Solved.
TOJam Tentacular Registrations LIVE!    Apr 15, 2014 1:00am EST

Octopus Art: Sharon Epic

TOJam Tentacular : May 1 - 3
We have room for 450+ people, which means we'll be full in a few days. Do not wait to register. Francesco registered while I wrote this.

It's extremely important that teams check registrations to ensure the entire team registers. We will not be able to support last minute team additions. Because... 15 Days!

TOJam Tentacular... we've been waiting to use that name for 10 years.

TOJam 1 was held May 5, 2006
It was a simpler time...
Unity didn't exist.
iPhones didn't exist.
Obama didn't exist.
Flash existed.
Welcome to the new server    Apr 11, 2015
After 10 years, you finally overloaded our web server!
Rest assured all expenses have been spared replacing it.

A moment of silence please for the original web server that lasted 10 years with neither a problem nor software update. We were a reboot away from resuscitating, but the hosting provider had long stopped answering support tickets. Perhaps that was for the best. The server's reward for 10 years of stellar, loyal, unquestioning service? This text.

Q: Who cares. Did I miss registration?
A: No.

Q: When will registration go live?
A: If you're reading this, likely Monday morning.
    If you're not reading this O-M-G
TOJam 10    Feb 11
Hell yes.