The TOJam Arcade was a HUGE Success!!!

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Gaze once again upon the amazing work of photographer Brendan Lynch. Thanks Brendan!

Thankyou Everyone for Coming!

On Friday June 6, from 7pm until Midnight, the 34 games created at the Toronto Independent Game Jam #3 were projected to an unsuspecting public! Think of the most amazing thing you can think of, then multiply it by 3. THAT was the TOJam Arcade. Our event was more memorable than your first kiss, your first marriage, and your first child combined.

Over 100 people came out to watch & play the many strange and fascinating things on display. TOJammers went all out to upgrade their games for the arcade and it showed. Stylized bouncing, bug extermination, cheese repulsion, hungry sea monsters, fish swinging swashbucklers, office smashing, natcho eating babies, a dangerous mountain of kraft singles - we had it ALL.

Things I learned at the TOJam Arcade™:
1. Queen size bedsheets make decent projection screens.
2. 8 computers means 8 different ways for a game not to work.
3. Don't give speeches if you've been awake all night, several nights.
4. Games should always be projected.

Extra thanks to the Blue Moon Pub. Not only was the space fantastic, but their air conditioning and strategically placed fans kept the arcade cool the entire night (an impressive feat considering the outside temperature, and the inside people, projectors and machines). When the owner saw the number of people that came out, he even waived the already extremely reasonable rental fee. Thanks Kai! Thanks people that came out!

Big Thanks to Everyone that Made the Arcade Possible

The TOJam Arcade was more work than Rob, Em, Jerry or I expected. Friday would have been a disaster without the last minute, heroic efforts of Nick Coombe, Polly Lee and Nelson Yu. When a request for a little help turned into an awful lot of work, they kept going without complaint. Muchos gracias, amigos! We owes ya big.

And who could forget...
The TOJammers - you can't have an arcade without good games, bravo!
IGDA Toronto - deemed us IGDA official event worthy, and advertised us
Derek Van Vliet - tireless, official arcade photographer
Brendan Lynch - took extra lynch-stylin' photos
Barry Rowe - brought a projector
Bao Nguyen-Huu - brought a projector (at great risk)
Paul Forest - brought an uber stereo system
Our Sponsors - without whom there would be no TOJam, hence no arcade
Francis & Grant - for bringing us food
Bon Jovi - whose ongoing success continues to inspire us

... and all the people that offered to help during the event
- we'll make better use of you next time :)

People's Choice Winners

At the end of the Jam, Jammers voted on what games best represented our event. Congratulations to our 3 awesome ambassadors:

Gold - "a game about bouncing" by Shawn McGrath
Silver - "Debugger" by Team Anykey
Puce - "Seas of Cheese" by Team Awesomo

These are but the tip of a mighty gaming iceberg that will destroy us all. We have not posted the TOJam #3 game pages yet, but will have them ready in 1 or 2 weeks. We're dilegently working on all 36 game pages, and we are much further ahead than last year. I promise to keep you posted. Your patience is once again appreciated.

Official Photos!

Official TOJam Arcade photographer Derek Van Vliet just posted these 32 High Quality Photos! Dark, crowded, and everyone enjoying themselves - truly a photgrapher's nightmare. I hesitate to ask Derek how many photos he took, or how sobre he stayed, in order to get these awesome shots. Trivia: Most games are being projected on queen size bedsheets.

That's only HALF the people!

What IS   This?

The Toronto Independent Game Jam is an annual event that gathers together the craziest game makers in Toronto for a 3 day game making binge. Programmers, artists, musicians and designers all work together to produce the best games possible. It's free and open to the public. TOJam #4 will be held in May 2009. The exact date will be confirmed later. We need to avoid the holiday weekend, student exams, and mother's day - which is tricky. We're currently losing our war with the Nordic Game Jam, but have vowed to continue fighting.

TOJam #3 was held May 9 - 11, 2008.
125 game makers
29 Teams, 10 Standalone people and 7 graphics/sound floaters.
35 games completed. 1 incomplete game. 4 lost at sea.
Full Details

We're working on posting those games to this site, please stay tuned. In the meantime, visit the full site for all kinds of great stuff, including the awesome games created at previous jams.

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