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"Required" Images

If you could mention your game was created at "TOJam 2024: Talk About Fourshadowing", like in the credits or main menu, we'd really appreciate it. Feel free to use our goat on a pole graphic and our official logo as well, and like the header suggests, these graphics are not required, but why wouldn't you?


1. Goat On A Pole

The goat-on-a-pole is a time-honoured tradition. Gaze in awe upon its glory! "Goat On A Pole" can be completely altered - cropped, shrunk, replaced with an anime version, turned into a weapon, whatever. As long as the game contains a whiff of the Goat, we're happy. This graphic was jokingly suggested at TOJam 1 (2006) to give our games a unique flavour (with other Toronto-themed graphics). Only the goat remains!

Photoshop (PSD) Version

JPG Version (green background)
PNG Version

GIF Version

2. The TOJam 2024 Logo

Photoshop (PSD)

PNG Pattern Background


Thanks for helping spread the TOJam!

Required Images
What Do I Bring?

In-Person Checklist

  • All the large software/assets you need.

    • i.e. Install files for software you use.

    • i.e. Libraries of sound effects, music, graphic assets.

  • Power cable and/or power bar.

    • Especially if you're bringing a laptop and require more than 2 outlets

  • USB key / portable hard drive

    • If we have network problems, you'll need this to transfer files between team members. Assume the worst have all your required software and assets on your hard drive. Don't just have your files in the cloud.

  • While the rooms are air conditioned, it's a tricky situation. Some seats will be too cold, others will be too hot. DRESS IN LAYERS in case things get unbalanced.

  • Money for street parking meters or attendants, meals/food, and transportation.

  • There is no jamming overnight, so ensure you have a place to stay and a plan on how you'll be arriving and leaving George Brown College. You can find directions here.

  • Water bottle/cup/mug for tap water or coffee.

  • Gum... you can never have too much gum.

  • Headphones!

    • You will probably need music to drown out conversation around you. Until Sunday at 7:00pm, speakers are outlawed.

  • Speakers!

    • On Sunday, from 7:30pm - 9:30pm, you'll be showing off your game to everyone. You probably want speakers to do that - especially if you used a sound floater. This is the only time speakers are allowed, but make sure your volume under control.

  • Gamepads. Easier for people to play your game on Sunday evening.

  • Medication: Allergy. Heartburn. Asthma. You're going to be here for a long time.


Last, but most important, don't forget to bring a well thought out game design! If you just start thinking about your game idea on Friday night, it will be too late.

Bring EXTRA Stuff

People, including your organizers, always forget to bring stuff. Bringing extra stuff means if someone forgets to bring an item, you get to be a hero! We'll announce requests for extra stuff during the jam. Label your stuff and let the registration table know when you arrive.

We're looking for extra:


  • Switches / hubs / routers that can provide wireless internet.

  • Ethernet cables.

  • Power bars.

  • Apple power adapters / cords/ monitor connectors.

  • Laptop power adapter.

  • USB keys / flash drives / portable hard drives.

  • Cables  like VGA, HDMI, or USB, people constantly forget these.

  • Controllers (Wired or Wireless) / PC XBOX wireless adapters.

  • Mice, mousepads, tablets!

  • Scanners.

  • Headphones or speakers.

  • Anything you can think of!

Don't go out of your way to bring any of these items, since we may not need them. If it's relatively easy for you to bring any of these, thanks in advance!

What Do I Bring?
What We Provide


We have an official TOJam Discord community that lets jammers network with others, request art and audio support from floaters, ask for support, access resources, enter giveaways, and have a front-row seat to jam announcements and streams.

In Person

We provide a desk, power, chair, and Internet. There are 2 electrical outlets per machine (monitor + machine).

We CAN provide you with a George Brown College machine preloaded with commonly used industry software. The machines are pretty amazing! Feel free to contact us if you need the specs.

If you are using a George Brown College machine, make sure to have a way to store your work.


Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the weekend (also known as the Candy Stand), but we highly suggested making your own plans when it comes to meals and staying fully hydrated. This is all thanks to our wonderful sponsors!

What We Provide
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