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News 2010
Mostly about the games not being posted :)

Nov. 23
TOJam 5 games not posted yet...
... cuz they're in demand.

Lazrd Wizrd, Bloody Arms Race, MonoClimb lit up Montreal's The Prince of Arcade.

Kick Assteroids, Air Shot Scott, MonoClimb, Rise of the Olive comforted Gamercamp.

These games (and many more) are amazing!
One day... you'll be able to play them.

Sep. 15 The Indie Showcase

The Indie Showcase (Non Facebook Event Page) - this Saturday Sept. 18. A brand spanking new event co-organized by the co-founder of brand spanking new Golden Gear Games. You may call him Alex Bethke. There will be indie games (of course), presentations, art(!), music and multiplayer games on a giant 40' wall. TOJam Achievement: One station will feature an assortment of TOJam delights. BYOB but keep it sane. This party has been many months in the making and I'm truly looking forward to it. Once again open to the public. Once again FREE. Toronto... keep being awesome.

Sep. 15
START has awesome, arty, and mostly indie games for you to play ALL WEEK! These games want... nay... NEED to be played. Different games every day, featuring every "art game" we could get permission to display - and then some. The free, public gala is Thursday evening (Sept. 16) and the space is absolutely amazing. I want to live there. Still not convinced? Watch this masterpiece of cinéma vérité.

Aug 18
Ou est le Games?

First off, apologies to everyone (especially our jammers) for not getting the TOJam #5 games posted. Life and full time work finally caught up with us, not to mention other Toronto game related events. Combine that with a recent hard drive failure, and voila... it's August 18. The hard drive has been recovered, and I'm finishing a basic CMS system that will let people modify their own pages. Until WordPress supports "pages" better, this is the easiest option.

In Other News

Just saw Scott Pilgrim - it was amazing. Forget Cera's loveable nerdyman, the adorable Knives Cho and the awesome fight scenes. You need to focus on finding TOJam 4's location (brick warehouse is a bonus). Scott was filmed during TOJam, and we want visual proof. Sources indicate the last scene of the movie (a door in the middle of nowhere) took place right outside. All that snow? FAKE.

Your TOJam Game on an Arcade Cabinet! The Hand Eye Society wants games for 3 new Torontrons. Read the details, add some polish, and submit your game now (TOJam created or otherwise). My game Mondrian Provoked was on the first Torontron I no longer need to get to heaven.

Veteran TOJammers Team Awesomo (these days known as GetSetGames), are having Mega iPhone success with Mega Jump. It has been downloaded by 2 million people. Enough people purchased the game that I worry about losing TOJam founder/organizer/superman Rob to their success. Here's hoping their next game tanks.

Zany TOJammer Daniel Steger is dominating the XBox Indie Game charts with zanier Baby Maker Extreme. Underneath the comedy stylings lies unexpected depth. A good player can keep that baby going... and going... and going. Daniel has almost finished porting the XNA codbase to iPhone. Converting was "no big deal" because Daniel is insane.

TOJammers, past and present, are a busy lot:
Guerilla Gardening grows even more gorgeous
About a Blob looks and sounds utterly charming
Golden Gear Inc. is off to a flying start
notsoft released Wytches Brew - Match3 + RPG + Strategy
][ upcoming game has extreme style and sharp gameplay
Sword and Sorcery will revolutonize games
Spyeart's Gamma short becoming something special

June 7

For one night, we transformed the Imperial Pub from a charming bar into a marble palace featuring 10 projectors displaying 64 games! The public did vote, the prizes did raffle, the drunk did get drinks. On Saturday evening, for a few short hours, all was right with the world.

Just before 1am, when things finally started to die down, Paul popped the question "Jim, could you gather everybody? There's something I'd like to say." Then Paul popped the question.

E3 is going to have trouble topping this. I'll try to post a detailed summary soon.

While you wait, why not watch notsoftgames's extensive video coverage, or read about the world's luckiest man.

Thanks again to Tall Tree Games for making the arcade possible, Big Blue Bubble for providing raffle prizes, and Andy Smith for unexpected bonuses.

June 7

Rob, Em & I demand the following arcade infrastructure be acknowledged:

Lady of the Evening
   Tessa Visperas

Poster King
   Marc Visperas

The 6 Pillars
   Paul Forest
   Dale Wick
   Nick Coombe
   Andrij Pilkiw
   Miguel Sternberg
   Daniel Steger

   Greg Beaton
   Jaime Woo
   Mark Rabo
   Stephen Hill
   Karen Halloran

Above & Beyond
   Ryan Creighton
   Nelson Yu
   Andy Smith
   Chris Langille
   Jordan Macklem
   David Yakobi
   Alex Stittle
   Kristal Stittle

The Backup Plan
   Barry Rowe
   Alex Bethke
   Michael Todd
   Ante Bralic
   Mark Cautillo

May 1 Calling all iPhone developers! We have some paid opportunities available for those interested. Contact Rob for full details.

Apr 23

TOJam #5 Has Started

180 jammers confirmed
25 additional people working remotely
5 people on a waiting list
Paul Forest renting a ZipCar
Team AnyKey unable to attend
This year... we're not holding back.

  George Brown College gives space.
  Notebook Empire & Fujitsu give prizes.
  Big Blue Bubble gives a free candystand, and more.
  Tall Tree Games gives red bull, chinese food, and more.
  Get Set Games gives bagels.

Without their support, TOJam would either not be possible...
or a whole lot less fun :)

Apr 22
Virtual Clarification

If you registered as virtual, this means you are not physically attending the jam. We literally don't have a spot for you to sit and work. Due to a bug, the confirmation e-mail indicates we expect you to physically register. i.e. "Please print out this receipt and bring it with you to the event." - that's incorrect.

That being said, all virtual people are welcome to attend the Friday 7:45pm - 8:00pm launch speech, and the Sunday 8:30pm - 11:00pm closing ceremonies. Virtuals are also welcome to drop by during the event to meet with teams, etc.

Apr 22
All Registrations Confirmed

If you registered for TOJam, you have received a confirmation one way or the other. If you are still waiting for a reply, e-mail em immediately. There are 5 people on the waiting list. If you can't attend TOJam, let us know asap so we can get them in.

Apr 22
Important New Information

What To Bring
George Brown Computer Details
Required Images

If you arrive before 5:00pm Friday, you can walk right in the Autodesk door. If you arrive after 5:00pm, someone (security, TOJam member) should be there to let you in. We're a little hazy on how this is going to work. If no-one comes to the door, phone me (416.918.8176) or Em (416.902.9203) and we'll send someone to let you in.

Apr 19 TOJam veteran Alex Bethke just posted a 7-part "TO Jam – A Beginner’s Guide" on his blog. He offers a fresh perspective on the jam, culled from years of... attending. Heed Alex's later points regarding pacing and milestones, or learn them the hard way.

Apr 17
TOJam #5 is FULL!

We've already received more registrations (160+) than we have space for. New registrations will be placed on a waiting list. If you've already registered, and haven't received a confirmation e-mail, it means we are still determining whether we have a spot for you. We are trying to find more seats, and will process all outstanding registrations in the next few days. Note: You can still register virtually to help an existing team.

Biggest. TOJam. Evah.

Apr 14 If you're waiting to register... DON'T.
A few people are waiting until they have their game idea perfected. This is a very bad idea. Make up a game idea if you must, but register asap. There are only 30 spots left.

Apr 9 Next Hand Eye Society Social April 15th

That's this Thursday. The audience will be subjected to amazing and bizarre games - one created exclusively for the crowd. Presentations total 30 minutes and are followed by talking and drinking. Consider this an opportunity to get your TOJam team organized. The social is free and open to everyone. Hope to see you there. More Info

Apr 9 Registrations Finally LIVE!
Register Now!

Friday @ 3:00pm - Sunday @ 11:00pm
The Sponsors
The Theme

Our 5th anniversary will be the biggest TOJam yet. We have room for 160 people, and all signs indicate we're going to exceed that quickly. Unlike previous years, we can seat that many people comfortably!

George Brown College is hosting this year! We are being housed at their downtown "AutoDesk" location. It comes complete with high speed wireless Internet access, a TOJam first. To prove we're worthy of all this, our games will need to be even better. Final security and parking details are being ironed out (stay tuned).

Fujitsu & Toronto's local Notebook Empire are providing mind blowing prizes this year. You'll want to stay Sunday evening.

But that's not all...
George Brown College has offered to provide at least 2 free meals. More details to come. I envy you.

But that's not all...
We are opening the jam to non-PC technologies!
iPhone, Nintendo DS, MAC, Linux, iPad, Droid, Wii
As long as it's still a videogame, it's fine.
Note: We'll try to support non-PC at the arcade... try.

Apr 8 Do you know about Alien Concepts Inc.? A 2D and 3D art and design studio located in downtown Toronto, specializing in games. I failed to include their 2010 IGF entry "Night of the Scarecrows" on my comprehensive list, an unforgiveable error that has now been corrected (thanks Jamie!). Not only does their game feature poleless goats, not only does their website make me jealous, but they also hired award winning TOJammer Mike Darmitz.

Feb. 24
TOJam #5 is coming...

Are you scared?
Not scared enough.

We have a new location and the details are currently being finalized. The date is looking like late April. I will post more information as soon as I have it.

Our goal is to make TOJam #5 the most memorable event on the planet. Anything less will not be tolerated. You will treasure the game you create more than your first child. Anything less will... not be tolerated.