TOJam Hindsight is 2020: Sponsors

All the free food, drink, prizes, and happiness is no accident. It's provided entirely by our generous sponsors who allow us to punch above our weight. Take a minute to read about the amazing things they do (besides supporting us)!



Ontario Creates, an agency of Ontario's Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, is the central catalyst for developing the province's cultural media cluster and focuses on the book, film, television, interactive digital media, magazine and music industries. Ontario Creates promotes and enhances each of these industries by creating investments and jobs to facilitate original content creation to grow Ontario into an internationally recognized jurisdiction to invest in, create, produce and enjoy original cultural media products.

George Brown College

The jam wouldn't be what it is today without George Brown College's continued support, including its amazing space, top-notch machines + monitors, Internet, electricity, s ecurity, and so much more! While we can’t be there in person this year we always appreciate the warm welcome they give us. Check out their Game - Programming, Digital Design - Game Design, and Game - Art programs, which offer an intensive, industry-focused, learning experience that produces amazing graduates. Special thanks to JP Amore for his trust, flexibility, and time - and Luigi Ferrara for his ongoing enthusiastic support.

Check out their game design programs that produces top notch graduates - Game Development, Game Programming, and Game Design programs, which offer an intensive, industry-focused, learning experience that produces amazing graduates.


Drinkbox Studios

Founded in 2008, Drinkbox Studios is best known for their downloadable indie games, most notably Mutant Blobs Attack, Severed, and the Guacamelee series. Drinkbox Studios enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and cuddling in front of a warm fire. When playing Monopoly, Drinkbox usually wins first prize in a beauty contest.

Founded in 2009, Game Hive is a leading developer of mobile games with more than 200 million total downloads to date. They are passionate about making fun and rewarding games for everyone to enjoy. Its most popular games include the Tap Titans 2, Tap Tycoon, Battle Bouncers, the Beat the Boss series (and many more!).

SideFX Software

Houdini Indie's procedural node-based workflow offers a smarter way to create high quality game art. Houdini technology is used by AAA studios to take their games to the next level and now this procedural power is also available to indie game devs around the world. Houdini Indie provides you with a procedural pipeline-in-a-box where all the steps needed to set up a model or game level are represented by networks of nodes. These nodes can be maintained deep into production, making last minute creative decisions easy.

SideFX returns as a TOJam Sponsor and offers game jammers a FREE 2-month Houdini Indie license to use before, during, and after the game jam! You can request a temporary license here.

Level Curve is a collective of composers, sound designers, and audio technicians based in Toronto and Vancouver, who specialize in producing sound effects and music for interactive art, media, video games and virtual reality experiences. If you are looking for an audio specialists who understand video game pipelines, assets, and customized implementations, these are your guys! They have worked on numerous, award-winning titles and are committed to finding their clients that perfect sound and music to complement their working titles. Special thanks to Creative Director of Level Curve,

Robby Duguay, who has been an integral part of TOJam in the past few years by dedicating his time and energy in producing and livestreaming TOJam's opening and closing ceremonies.

Juicy Beast is a tiny independent studio from Montreal focusing on small and quirky games, like Knightmare Tower and Burrito Bison, their most popular titles. Their most recent game, Toto Temple Deluxe, is a frantic local-multiplayer game about keeping a goat on your head, because yes, it originated at TOJam 8!Toto Temple Deluxe is available on PS4, Xbox One and Wii U, and wouldn't have been a thing without TOJam.

Uken Games

Uken builds games that people everywhere love. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and Jeopardy! World Tour are the top 2 trivia games, engaging millions of global players every month. Uken's team are data driven designers, technologists, and artists. Through collaboration, they pair the craft of design with feedback and data to deliver a pace and rhythm in each game session that immerses our audience and leaves them wanting more. Uken has a quirky, nerdy culture that fosters creativity, collaboration, quality ideas, and a data driven mindset. They believe in moving quickly and improving constantly and that mantra is reflected in the weekly updates they make to our games and internal technologies. Uken has an appetite for pushing technical boundaries but with a focus on practical use.

Uken takes entertainment seriously.

Capy (Short for Capybara Games) is a Toronto-based independent game studio, and a long-time participant / supporter of TOJam. Capy has developed several award-winning games, including Sword & Sworcery EP, BELOW, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, and Super TIME Force (which was conceived at TOJam 6). Their most recent release is Grindstone, one of the breakout hits of 2019's Apple Arcade lineup. Capy loves game jams and all the fine folks who take part in them.

Established in 2010, Ubisoft Toronto is a growing and diverse team on a collective mission to create what's next in AAA open world games. The studio recently shipped Far Cry 5 in collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal. At E3 2017, Ubisoft Toronto announced its first new IP, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, an all-new, action-adventure game where players assemble customizable controller-mounted starships and launch into epic, interplanetary adventures. The studio shipped its first lead production, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® Blacklist™, to critical acclaim in 2013 and has contributed to multiple award-winning Ubisoft brands including: Assassin's Creed®, Far Cry®, Watch Dogs®, and For Honor™.

Friends of TOJam

Fractal Phase, founded in 2015, is a fine purveyor of free-range, untextured polygons and small-batch vertices based in Toronto, ON. It is currently developing Sky Rogue; a fwooshy, intense, procedurally generated fly-em-up, an homage to 90s flight simulators and unapologetically blue SEGA arcade games. Check out one of the hundreds of workshop mods, such as the Arwing from Starfox, the Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop, or the Lack coffee table from Ikea.

TOJam is a magical thing, a meeting of time and place where games both awe-inspiring and endearingly questionable are born. Thanks to its organizers and volunteers, who yearly awaken from their abyssal slumber in Lake Ontario to bequeath us handsome feasts of pizza, and candy, it is the best jam on the planet.

Toronto Gaymers is Toronto's original LGBTQ+ social group for geeks and gamers of all stripes. The group started in 2007 from GayGamer.net's discussion forums as a semi-annual gathering in downtown Toronto. The group has since evolved into a safe space for LGBTQ+ people and their allies to express their passion for geek and gaming culture, including board games, trading card games, PC and console games, cosplay, anime and more. Through our monthly social gaming events, we support local businesses and strengthen our community.

Sago Mini is a team of designers, developers, thinkers, doers and office dogs. We make digital and physical toys for 2-5yr olds that kids (and parents) love. Proudly Canadian, Sago Mini is a subsidiary of Toca Boca, the No.1 mobile-first kids brand in the App Store and both companies are part of Spin Master, a leading global children’s entertainment company.

Axon Interactive is an interactive media company based in Toronto, Canada. Though starting out as a developer of interactive healthcare applications, the Axon team now makes games. Their debut title is Quench, a narrative puzzle game about changing the environment to guide and protect herds of animals. Quench; is available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and itch.io. They also love triangles.

Hustle through the 90s in THE BIG CON, an adventure game where you're an awkward teen hustling to save her family video store! Play as Ali who goes AWOL from Band Camp to sneak around, wear disguises, and help her Mom fend off loan sharks. Made by Mighty Yell, a crew of devs with credits ranging from Jazzpunk (Dan Rodrigues) and A Mortician's Tale (Andrew Carvalho), to Guacamelee 2 (Saffron Aurora, George Degenkamp), Quench (Tabby Rose) and Runbow (Dave Proctor).

Mill Valley Trophies

Established in 1980, Mill Valley Trophies began as a small, home-based store offering trophies and awards to the local community, along with the area's first computerized engraving system.

We offer customized products on everything from hats and clothing (embroidery), to shirts (vinyl), to mugs and other drinkware (dye sublimation). We also make small signs, and name badges in plastic and metal, and offer both contact and laser engraving. We also laser engrave a variety of wood products and can work with supplied materials.

With our new large format printer, we are now pleased to offer everything from die cut, custom stickers, to automobile vinyl, to removable static posters!

Parker Pad

Parker Pad has been our name tag print vendor for many years now! They're an eco-friendly, digital, offset and post press provider, fully equipped to take your project from initial concept to final mailing and distribution. They've been doing this for 70 years, so we know the design is in good hands when we send them a 500+ list of names. All we do is wait by the mailbox until they arrive!

Phantom Compass

Phantom Compass is an award-winning Ontario game development studio making games for consumers and for clients. Founded in 2008, Phantom Compass is best known for its pinball role-playing game Rollers of the Realm.

Chop Shop

Every TOJam t-shirt you see at the jam (worn by organizers and volunteers) is made by Chop Shop Goods, which are absolutely fantastic! Chop Shop specializes in creating custom designs (or wicked pre-created designs) on a dime, while ensuring that each product oozes with style and class. They've been our provider since the beginning of time; you'll want something for every day of the week!