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Introducing the TOJam 2024 Team Building Event!

Updated: Apr 23

Over the course of TOJam's history our goal has been to bring people together to make cool video games, and this year we're taking things a step further!

✨Introducing the TOJam 2024 Team Building Event!✨

For the first time ever we're holding an event specifically meant to help people who want to jam with a team but don't have a team to jam with! Kicking off the weekend of April 13th at 1pm we'll be opening up a separate discord server before the jam where you can meet other folks who are also looking for people to jam with! If that sounds interesting then you can follow the link below to join the teambuilding server and we'll notify you when the teambuilding event goes live:

[Team Building Event has ended - Discord Link Disabled]

And again this is for people who want to jam as a team but don't have one. The option to register as a Floater and work with any teams that need extra art or audio is still available if that's more of your vibe.

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