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The Toronto Game Jam is a FREE, annual, open-to-the-public event where the craziest game makers in the world gather for a 3 day game making binge. Webster, Kupferman, Creighton, and Woo explain things best.

"TOJam: Party Like It's 19TOJam9" will be held April 25 - 27, 2014 at George Brown College. Registrations just went live, and we're expecting 450+ game makers to attend. That number scares us.

Contact if puzzled or overwhelmed.
TOJam 9 Registrations CLOSED!    Apr 15, 11:59pm EST

Unlike Metal Gear Solid, that ended quickly.

We've received ~500 registrations for 440 spots. We've confirmed 175 of those registrations, and are confirming the rest as you read this. We will have everyone confirmed by Monday April 21 11:59pm (latest).

It's worth noting that confirmation is not first come first served. We take several criteria into account before that (in this order):
1. Were you turned away last year?
2. Did you book vacation already?
3. Did you already buy tickets to travel?
4. Are you a TOJam veteran?
5. Do you help the ratio (1/3 pros, 1/3 hobbyists, 1/3 students)?
6. When did you register?
With floaters, we also need to match supply with demand.

Thanks so much for your support and your patience.
We now return to the Goat cave to plan, confirm, and
While waiting...    Apr 12, Midnight
While waiting for TOJam 9, TOJam vets Stinker Studios created Flappy TOJam. First you'll laugh, then you'll be addicted - You've been warned. Alex & Kristal Stittle (sometimes with friends) have been with us long time, and consistently make impressive games at TOJam. Highly recommend trying TOJam 4's Scale Mountain. In 2009, I didn't know you could make a game that large in 3 days.
Theme Announced    Apr 12, 4:15pm
After You
(click and be blinded)
Bons Bons for ALL!    Apr 12, 1:55pm
We've received 225 registrations in 6 hours.
On a Saturday morning no less.
You've more than earned this.
TOJam 9 Registrations LIVE!    Apr 12, 2014, 8am EST

Like a bad version of Metal Gear Solid,
TOJam appears out of NOWHERE

While leaving things this late was not intentional, it does make things EXCITING. Join us Friday April 25 - Sunday April 27 for...
TOJam Party Like It's 19TOJam9

Dislike the name? So did I! But in time it will destroy your sensibilities. Wait... isn't April 27 in 2 weeks?

Also... Registrations are LIVE!
We have room for 450+ people, which means we'll be full in a few days. Do not wait to register, unless you're not coming.

It's extremely important that teams check registrations to ensure the entire team registers. We will not be able to support last minute team additions. Because... 12 Days!

Bonus: Our friends at Uken are holding a Pre-TOJam Meetup
They move FAST.

Double Bonus: We overlap with Ludum Dare 29 and the 2nd Google Glass Hackathon. Google glass is led by supah sharp TOJam vet Macy Luang, and is sold out. In the case of Ludum, know that the conflict was intentional. I kid... or do I?

TEAM 2014

While Rob, Em & I still oversee this monster - TOJam 9 would not exist without your stellar team of organizers. For your convenience, I have listed them alphabetically.

Alex Bethke
Marie-Christine Bourdua
Jonathan Burton
Mike Doucet
Jenny Glozman
Arthur Marris
Andy Smith
Randy Orenstein
Tessa Visperas
(some are new, some are overworked, some are hurting)
(all are doing this for love because that saves money for Chinese)

Huge thanks to departing organizers Max Brown and Tim Nguyen. They gave us a solid 2 years, which we will never pay back.