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Flirteen with Danger



Toronto Game Jam is a FREE, annual, open-to-the-public event where the craziest game makers in the world gather for a 3 day game making binge. Weiss, Webster, Kupferman, Creighton, and Woo explain things best. We're a pressure cooker that strengthens (or destroys) friendships, produces amazing games, and breeds goats.

TOJam Flirteen with Danger takes place May 4 - 6, 2018 at George Brown College (we love those guys!!!). Watch this space and @torontogamejam.

Contact if puzzled or overwhelmed.
Confirmations MOSTLY Sent!
April 15, 2018 8:10pm
Greetings and well met!

Aside from floaters, everyone that can be confirmed has been confirmed! We're still waiting on ~50 people to respond to e-mails we've sent, and we're waiting to see if existing people/teams that required GB machines can switch. Is that you? Can you and your team switch to your own machines? E-mail alex@tojam.ca ASAP and we'll be able to confirm more people!

Floaters will NOT be confirmed until Wednesday. Confirming floaters is complicated due to matching supply with demand. Apologies for the delay, but our goal is to ensure that every floater has something to work on.

Super duper thanks to TOJam organizers Alex, Kim and Clara who are the reasons confirmations are mostly done.

Also a huge belated shoutout to TOJam organizers Conrad, Clara, Jeff, and Ray who form our sponsorship team, and are doing a wonderful job.

It takes a village...
Registration CLOSED!
April 12, 2018 9:25pm
Registrations are closed!

We will confirm registrations by Sunday April 15th, 11:59pm. Alex, Kim and Clara are working their hearts out to make that deadline. Spare a moment to think of them and their weekend plans.

We received ~650 registrations! 13 years ago I would have found that idea absurd, now I find it COMPLETELY absurd. Thanks once again for the ongoing enthusiasm and support. Unlike previous years we should have room for everybody! Having said that, we need to ensure there are enough GB computers for people that wanted them, and our floater supply matches floater demand.

You can view existing registrations here to check if your teammates have joined you. E-mail jim@tojam.ca or @torontogamejam if you have any questions.

"Jeans, Bricks or Water?"
Leaky Jeans59
Brick Jeans83
Wet Bricks93
Wet Jeany Bricks162
Houdini Indie license
Apr 1 7:00am

Toronto based SideFX is once again offering all TOJammers a trial indie license of their procedural gamedev tool Houdini! Houdini allows you to create 3D content QUICKLY, making it a perfect fit for the jam. Artists use the Houdini editor to procedurally generate 3D models (and other crazy things), then use the Unreal/Unity plug-in to import them (changes in Houdini automatically update Unreal/Unity). These super fresh GDC 2018 Presentations show what's possible. Learn how to use Houdini BEFORE the jam to become a world making force. Click here to request your free temporary Houdini Indie license.
Breaking out the Jovi
Mar 30 10:20pm
~410 people have registered! Seeing all of them, especially returning jammers, is truly humbling. While I missed the halfway point, it's still worth celebrating
Registration OPEN!
Mar 28, 2018 9:00pm

Art Credit: Tabby Rose

Registrations are OPEN!
Registrations close Friday April 6, 11:59pm.
We will confirm registrations by Sunday April 15th, 11:59pm.

You can view existing registrations here to check if your teammates have joined you. E-mail jim@tojam.ca or @torontogamejam if you have any questions.

Given our increased size this year (700 people!), our great hope is to approve EVERYONE that registers. We believe it's possible, and remain grateful that people keep coming to this crazy shindig.

(amazing warcry, or dated reference - you decide)
Registration Opens at 9pm
Mar 28, 2018 6:35pm
It was supposed to be live at 9am. Forgiveness is appreciated. Anger should be channeled at everyone but Jim McG, who is but your humble servant, spending time on this post rather than getting registration working.
Happy Valentojam
Feb 14, 2018 2:50pm

Art Credit: Tabby Rose

TOJam 13 will be held May 4 - 6, 2018 at the lovely and talented George Brown College!

Mother's Day and TCAF are spared ONCE AGAIN! The registration page will go live March 28 (Wed) at 9am. Right after GDC, and way before your OMDC IDM Fund deadline. It's the perfect time to register. Wait... did we just announce when the registration page will go live? Have we finally lost it?!

After so many years, George Brown has learned how awesome and trustworthy the game making community is. As a result, they've given us 7 more classrooms to fill this year! Science says we should be able to fit SEVEN HUNDRED JAMMERS.

Not a typo.
Not a theme.
200 more than last year.
We're as shocked as you.
TOJam 13 Begins
Jan 24, 2018 4:07pm
The lovely and talented organizers are busily working on TOJam 13. History has shown the date will be the first or second week of May. Registrations will likely open late March. More info as we have it. In the meantime, take care of yourself!

As you can see, money that would be spent on a modern website continues to be poured into the Jam itself. We're fast becoming Space Jam
Dork Shelf, Jake and Let's Plays
May 22, 2017 11:45pm

Photo Credit: Paul Hillier

Of course you read Dork Shelf because you're not an idiot fabulous. They review films, comics and games with uncommon honesty and thoughtfullness. I'm an uabashed fan of Eric Weiss, who wrote the only decent review of No Man's Sky. Despite odds, Dork Shelf continues to cover the entire Toronto Gaming scene - they're freaking heroes. This year, Eric Weiss covered Jarryd Huntley's border troubles, and Christopher Demelo uncovered the rest - including the fact that veteran jammer Michael Patoine survived cancer last year. So glad Michael was able to come back and jam this year. His team created Show OFF!, a quick, unique, story driven game where you attempt to sabotage a play. When your best plans backfire, the writing will make you smile.

Jake Butineau is an award winning composer that floated at this year's TOJam. He worked with 4 teams, and apparently none of them were able to finish a game! Rather than dwell on this depressing outcome, Jake has placed the 7 music tracks he created on SoundCloud for all to hear. Some fabulous work (I love "Prospect of Failure - Main Theme") that will hopefully find a home someday.

The Internet is playing TOJam games! GameDev Cafe played "Crime and Punishment", "Escargolf", "The Peak", "Tanks for the Memories", "Recipe GIF" and Jelly Jelly". She returned to fully climb The Peak, experienced an existential ending, leading to a long forgotten poem. Whit played "Dying Light", "Snackoil Salesman", "Disappointing Your Dad", and "The Best Worst Gift". The hosts and the games highly entertaining. Also, 4-time TOJammer Andy Wong casually covered TOJam producing the best synopsis of our event that I've ever seen.

Finally got around to updating the TOJam 11 game page, highlighting games that I've heard about. Should I have heard about more? Let me know.
TOJam: What Twelves Below FINISHED!
May 11, 2017 1:40am

Photo Credit: Paul Hillier

Thanks so much for attending! If we weren't able to confirm you, our apologies and remember you'll be first in line next year.

After 12 years, TOJam is now a well oiled machine. This year's adventures included a stolen pair of shoes (quickly found), a beautiful floor three (thanks GB ESL!), and a sleeping jammer blocking a doorway. If that doesn't say success, what does?

The games can be found here (thanks again itch.io!), but that list won't be complete until May 14. I heard rumours of a VR skyscraper window washer game, where the controller was a literal squeegee. I saw players in an HTC VIVE controlling a real drone. Luckily no-one died. Currently I recommend playing The Peak (do NOT watch the video beforehand). More recommendations coming...

Brendan Lynch took these fabulous portraits! He's been doing this for 11 years, and man do we look good. In real life, Brendan has built FindNext which you should install on your iPhone/iPad right now. Failed searches lead to conversations with people to find what you want "Crowd Search". It's WILD.

Paul Hillier is a professional photographer who once again captured TOJam! Paul's photos are always amazing, especially considering the adversarial lighting conditions. When not making time for us (no idea how he does it), Paul can be found taking pictures of truly epic cosplays, cityscapes that will take your breath away, and the occasional Justin. If you ask nicely, he might photograph your wedding which makes me extremely jealous.

Also, as you can tell by Paul's photo, we have the BEST volunteers!